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AC - Chibi/Art Comissions

EGL Feedback
Payments by paypal only!

I'm really in need of money at the moment so I deicded to have a go at selling the only thing I can sell my art ♥
I know this is a bit of a long shot but would anyone here be intrested in comissioning a chibi from me? ;;
lolita or anything else I don't mind as long as its possible for me to draw

Example -
Prices - can range from - $12 - 20 (depends on complexity of your request) the chibi I done as an example would be around $17
the work is then yours to do as you want with it! I will give you the PNG file and also a high res JPEG if you want it!

will take as many slots as possible for the moment!

I can do full bodies as well if your interested <3
but I don't have any exampels of these apart from on my deviantart
(I think I have improved since my last drawing on DA though ..well I hope ;; )

if you ARE intrested in fullbody I can give u a sketch and if your not happy with it I am willing to change it untill you are happy :3

also if you are intrested, still selling a few things here!

thankyou so much for looking

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