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DS: AatP Coat and Jabot, F+F Classic Bag, Offbrand Petti, BPN, Lots of Sweet/Gothic/Classic Jewelry


-Paypal only; priority to first who leaves Paypal addy
-Feedback: Click click!
-I ship from California within 48 hours of payment.

BPN Batwing Pocket Jeans: $30 $23 shipped in US; $36 $29 shipped international


Pardon the dust! Bought from Closet Child but never worn; in perfect condition. Fabric is not stretchy.
Measurements are:
Waist: 28"
Hip: 36"
Outseam: 40"
Inseam: 31 1/2"

Alice and the Pirates Vargossa Coat: SOLD

Alice and the Pirates Rachel Blouse Jabot: $27 shipped in US; $30 shipped international

Came with the Rachel sleeveless blouse but I separated the two items. Perfect condition.

F+F Classic IW-style bag: SOLD

BNWT Offbrand White Petticoat: SOLD

Pinback Bow Pearl Brooch: $5 shipped in US; $7 shipped international

Random Rings: $3 each or $2 each if buying more than one - shipped in US; $4 each or $3 each for more than one - shipped international
All sold except the brown one.

Cupcake Ring: SOLD

More Random Rings: $5 each shipped in US; $7 international
Gold one is sold.

Random Necklaces: $7 each shipped in US; $9 international
Only the middle crown one is left!

Thanks for looking!
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