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!DS: Wonder Cookie jsk set

Feedback and ebay feedback

1. Pay by paypal only.
2. I sell to the person who leaves their paypal first.
3. Shipping isn't included in the price.
4. I have the right to cancel a sale at any time (before payment).
5. I have a dog, but she isn't allowed near my clothes.
6. I'm not responsible for lost packages if you didn't order tracking.
7. Prices are in GBP

Onto the sales :) 
Note: This is a set. I will only split if I can find buyers for all of the pieces. Person who offers to buy the whole set gets priority

I'm selling Angelic Pretty's Wonder Cookie head bow, jsk and socks in the sax colour way. 

Measurements from Hellolace: 89cm + 3.5cm (lace) length, 88cm bust, 69cm waist
No damage that I can see, comes with waist ties, shirred. Worn twice, both times for about four hours each.

Head bow
Lacey-doily type thing is slightly creased from last owner, but other than that it's pretty much perfect. Only worn once, over a wig.

Have been washed but still some stains from previous owner, she said it was from the shoes she wore. At the top, some of the applique is pulling a little from the previous owner, but is hidden under JSK when worn. Worn once.

I'm asking £220 plus shipping, but give me an offer and I'll consider :) I just want this gone, it's not my style any more.
Thanks for reading!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:blue, item:accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear
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