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DS/DT: Baby Parfait JSK, Bodyline, offbrand, Taobao! Please have a look!

Hi Everyone!

I am cleaning my closet to make room for my new dresses that are coming for christmas!
Please read the rules before posting!
My feedback can be found here

I ship from Perú, shipping fees are not included. Please state your location so I can calculate fees
I have 2 long haired cats. When I ship items, I try to remove all hairs, but this can be very difficult. Please be aware.
I smoke! But not in my room. Anyways, I just want to inform you ^^
Paypay only please! Fees are not included.
I accept paymentplans, but only if you can finish the payment within 2 weeks. The item will be shipped after the payment is complete.
Measurements are listed in cm.
For prices listed as OBO, please feel free to make me a (reasonable!) offer! :D
I am very interested in trades! For the Parfait JSK, I am looking for brand items, and I mostly prefer prints. Please no fully shirred items, no OP's. For the BL and DOL dresses, I'll look at anything offbrand, but please no handmade items. I am also looking for a white brand Parasol, a white/red/pink beret (brand prefered), a Malco Mode's Petti, and replica purses (big ones!).

Now, on to the items!

1. Baby the stars shine bright Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait JSK - Fully shirred, freesize!


I have only tried on this JSK. It is in perfect condition, I could not find any flaws on it. It only comes with the halterstraps (this is how I got it.)
Price: SOLD

2. Bodyline Sax JSK, size M. Bust: 80-100  / Waist: 68-78 / Length: 92

I have worn this JSK twice, it looks silly on me (I'm too tall). It shows signs of wear, as I bought it used.
Price: Sold
There are a few flaws, a small stain and a flaw on the fabric:



3. BL Gingham strawberries JSK, size M. Bust: 88-98 / Waist: 72-82 / Length: 94


I have worn this dress 3 times, it shows some signs of wear. Comes with 2 small detachable bows and 1 big detachable bow. It has some strange stains on the bib, and the colour of the fabric is not pure white. I don't know why, this is how I recieved the dress! 

You can see the small black stains here. In this pic the pabric looks white, but IRL it isn't. It is just impossible to get a pic of the right color. It is a darker offwhite.
Price: $35 OBO

4. Baby the stars shine bright white soft bonnet.

The only flaw it has is a very small feint stain:

Used once, I look silly in it :(
Price: $30

5. DOL replica of IW's Carousel JSK, size L. Bust: 93-100cm / Waist 77-85cm / Length 95cm


                  Print detail

As you can see on the back pic, I have elongated the straps a lot (I'm 1.80 tall D:). These can be restored to the original shape very easily. The only flaw is that on one of the new straps, a few threads have become loose. There are no flaws on the dress! I have worn this dress 3-4 times. It comes with a detachable waistbow and the removable belt.


Price: $70 OBO

6. Assorted accesories!

Only left:, black headbow, 2 bows, little bears hairclip
Price: Make me an offer ^^

Please feel free to ask any questions!
Thank you very much for looking :D

Tags: !ds, !dt, *plus size, *replica, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, item:accessory, item:jumperskirt, taobao
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