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DT: AATP Hymn OP and Masquerade Theater skirt

EGLFeedback is here. Please note that I do have one neutral; however, it was received because my roommate and I had to unexpectedly rush our cat to the vet, and I was therefore not at home and unable to pay in the 30-minute timeframe the seller requested. I am happy to send my end of a trade first if you have perfect feedback and this makes you nervous.

Terms of Trade
- I am not looking to sell or buy at this time. I am ONLY looking to trade. Prices are only to provide a guideline of my items' value for interested traders. If I cannot find a trade I like, I'll just keep the items.
- I will only trade with users who have 5 or more positive feedback on eglfeedback.
- I am ONLY willing to ship via US Priority Mail, which includes tracking and is insured up to $200. I expect you to ship with tracking and insurance, as well.
- Trade will be shipped within two days of trade confirmation. Again, I expect you to do the same.
- I will consider international trades; however, US trades have priority because of the high cost of international shipping.
- I am willing to do in-person trades. I am located in southern Arizona. I will also be available for trades in northern California (specifically, the Bay Area and Sacramento area) between 17 December and 5 January.
- If you are interested in trading, please comment below with the following information:
Item Name:
Proof Photo:

And now on to the items~

AATP Masquerade Theater Skirt
Value: $250

HelloLace page (with measurements and more info)

I purchased this skirt brand new from AATP and have worn it a handful of times. While I absolutely adore the print, I've found that high-waisted skirts fit a little awkwardly on my short torso, and I just don't wear this gorgeous piece very much.

I would also like to note that the measurement info on HelloLace is not quite correct. The waistband of this skirt would probably not fit a waist of more than 70 cm comfortably.

I would prefer to trade it for the JSK from this series in bordeaux, black, or cream (in order of preference). I would, of course, be willing to add cash to even out the trade.

AATP Hymn Onepiece
Value: $375

HelloLace page (with measurements and more info)

Like the previous piece, I purchased this onepiece directly from AATP's webshop and have worn it maybe 4 times in the two years since. I absolutely adore it, but the fit is just a little bit awkward on me (again, because I have a really short torso), and I would rather trade it for a piece that I can get more use out of.

I would prefer to trade this for the JSK from this series in black or ivory (in order of preference).

Other Items I'd Be Interested in Trading For
Here are some other items I'd be interested in trading these pieces for. I am primarily looking for other AATP items at this time, though I may consider other pieces on my wishlist. I'm not looking for skirts because I just don't wear them very much; I'm primarily interested in OPs and JSKs.
AATP Black Cat, Witch, and the Apple Tree JSK I in bordeaux or black
AATP Scent of Rapunzel JSK II in ivory, rouge, or black
AATP Vampire Requiem Long JSK in lavender
AATP Melty Mermaid Princess JSK in white or black
AATP Rose Jail JSK in black or ivory (would also consider other JSK style)
AATP Twilight Circus JSK II in black or purple
AP Snow White/Princess Silhouette OP
AP Swan Lake/Ballerina JSK or OP
AP Rose Toilette JSK in bordeaux or black (would also consider OP)
AP Starry Night Theatre Bare JSK in blue or pink
This Meta nun OP
This Moitie OP
Pieces from Meta's Hospitality Doll series (Most interested in the black OP, white bloomers, and red accessories, though I will consider pretty much anything from the series)
Tags: !dt, alice and the pirates, color:cream, color:red, item:onepiece, item:skirt
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