krysrussell14 (krysrussell14) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Some Items For Winter/Christmas

My feedback:

So I am trying to find some winter friendly Lolita clothing (I live in the Pacific Northwest so winter lasts a while here). These things would probably be Christmas presents for me since my mom will be paying for them :D. Some things I should probably point out:
Bust: 33 inch
Waist: 25 inch
Hips: 35 inch
Shoe: US 9

So I am mainly trying to match some pieces to these main pieces I have:

* I have the mint and brown Antique Clock Skirt

Some things that I am looking for are:
Shoes to match both outfits (Either brown or mint for the first, black or black and white for the second)
A cardigan or type of over piece for the skirt
A type of hair/head decoration for both
Possibly a partial wig for dark brown hair

I can't spend a super ton, so I am looking for some not so new and exciting pieces. I am also looking for a birthday skirt though, so if you have anything under 100$ that is sweet but not ott let me see :D

Thank you :D
Tags: !wtb, item:accessory, item:bag, item:cardigan, item:hair accessory, item:shoes, item:skirt
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