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!DS Christmas sale!Everything 20%off again! ETC Tea Party JSK/ST rare SK/OTK/purses

❤Please read before commenting❤

My feed back page here(35+):
PayPal only
- Prices are in EUR or SEK and don't include shipping cost&pp fee
- I ship from Sweden by 1st class without tracking by default. Tracking costs extra 8.5 euros
- Priority goes to first user who drops their paypal
- You will have 48 hours to pay once you are invoiced.
- I'm not responsible for damaged or lost packages
-Serious buyers only please^^
- Measurements - I try to be as accurate as possible, but there may be some error. not responsible if the item doesn't fit
- No return or  refund, sorry

 I may not have much time to do the hand-wash for everything before shipping this time. If you need the clothes to be cleaned please let me know. Thank you very much.

5/5 = Brand new, never worn, either with or without tags
4/5 = Worn but still in mint condition.
3/5 = A little problem(s) or there's a feeling of worn.
2/5 = problems(s)
1/5 = Bad

============ LIST =============

DOL AP lolipop purse Replica  PINK&LAVENDER
Price: 17euros---20%off-->13.6 euro
Sipping:11 euros within EU/ 13 euros international
Description: I'm the 1st owner of the purse. Used<5 times. The flaws are shown in the pictures. Overall in good condition.
Condition: 3/5


DOL AP bunny bag replica in Pink&Blue
Price: 19 euros---20% off--->15.2 euro
Shipping: 17 euros within EU/ 19 euros international
Description: I'm the 1st owner of the purse. Used<5 times. The flaws are shown in the pictures. Overall in OK condition.
Condition: 2/5 to 3/5


Alice Kingdom - Chandelier embroidery SK
Price: 28 euro---20%off-->22.4 euro!
shipping:18 euro within EU/20 euro international 


Description:A gorgeous classical winter from Alice Kingdom!! I'm the 1st owner. Elegant chandelier embroidery above the cute Pompom edge. 50% wool winter fabric, so it's very warm. Worn several times but still in good condition. Side zipped.
Measurement: length=52cm waist=60cm-70cm
Condition: 3/5


Sweet Accessories a lot 
Price: 15 euro for the whole set---20%off--->12 euro!
shipping: 4.5 euro within EU/ 5.5 euro international

Suprising sweets lucky pack, totally worth it!!! You'll get every piece shown in the picture:) The set includes 5 lovely rings, 1 chocomint star&pearl bracelet, 1 glittery cherry charm, 1 polka dot bow, 1 Hello Kitty hair gom, 1 pink star necklace!
Condition: 4/5

ETC - Tea party print JSK in Red  PERFECT for a Christmas outfit!! 
Price: 120euro-- 20%off-> 96euro--20% off again!->77 euro!!!
If I cannot sell it at this price I guess it's fate that I must keep and adore it..

Sipping: 12 euros within EU/ 14 euros international

detail1 detail2 detail3
worn pic
Description: Extremely cute ETC tea party print dress! One of my favorite actually, but I just need money urgently now so I have to find her a new owner..Originally paid more than 160 euros on it..Great condition, only worn 3 times. back zipped.
Measurement: length=94cm bust=84cm waist=70cm


Shirley temple 160 - Alice playing cards and crown print cutsew dress
Price: 45 euro ->35 euro--20%-->28 euro!!--20% off again!!-->22.5 euro now!! 

Shipping:11 euro within EU/13 euro international

detail1 detail2 detail3
worn pic
Description:A cute OP for casual or otome outfit. With alice poker and crown print. Worn only once, in excellent condition.
Measurement: bust<115cm waist<100cm length=91cm
Condition: 4/5


Shirley Temple 160 - girly items print SK RARE! 
Price: 45 euro --20% OFF!!-->36 euro!!
Shipping: 6 euro within EU/ 7.5 euro international

Description: Rare! Lovely print and cutting for sweet casual looks. Only worn twice. Excellent condition!
Measurement: length=52cm waist=60cm-71cm
Condition: 4/5

Shipping: 2.5 euro each pair to everywhere

SS pinkx light green dot OTK 3.5 euro--20% off-->2.8 euro

SS lavender OTK (little damaged) 2.5 euro--20%off->2 euro!!

offbrand stawberry print OTK 3 euro--20%OFF-->2.5euro 

Meta rose print OTK (nwot) 16 euro --20%OFF-->13euro! 

Thank you for watching! and Merry Christmas~*v*!

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