medusa3139 (medusa3139) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT/DS: Dear Celine Christmas JSK - SOLD

EGL Feedback

-Whoever leaves their paypal first gets it, unless someone posts an item that I want to trade for
- I do not smoke or have any pets
- Shipping with tracking in the US is included. International should inquire.

Dear Celine Christmas JSK 



The red bow on the front is detachable. 

Measurement: Size Large (according to Dear Celine, thats a 92cm bust and a 92cm length. The waist can probably go up to 75 or 76cm)

For Trades:
I'm into classic lolita, so anything classic is good. My measurements are 90cm bust and 72cm waist

For Sale:
Since I would much rather trade this than sell it, i will wait 24 hours for trade offers. After that, it will go to the first person to leave their paypal.
Sale price: $70 including shipping with tracking
Tags: !ds, !dt, dear celine, item:jumperskirt, taobao
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