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Morgan N.

DS: Two BTSSB JSK's, timeless trends corset and more! Plus size friendly!

Silver comb crown

Additional photos: (Inside to show comb+measurement)
I bought this from someone on egl sales but never ended up wearing it.~
Asking: $7.50

Hot Topic Bow earrings:

Info: I received these as a gift but I don't wear dangle earrings so I've never worn them.
Asking: $5 for all or $2 each pair

Shipping: I ship Priority mail and first class within 3-5 days after payment, I am not responsible it getting lost, stolen, or damaged once it leaves my hands unless you buy insurance. It's up to you to pay for that and tell me you want it. I add delivery confirmation to the shipping price for every shipping method!

BTSSB Ruffle back JSK w/ detachable bow

Measurements(lain flat):
Chest: 13in-21in
Waist: 12in-20in
Length: 36in (including un-stretched strap)
The second measurements are while fully stretched (well, to the best of my ability of stretching it).

Additional photos: (Back ruffles) (Detachable waist ties) (Stain photo 1) (Stain photo 2)
Info: I bought this at the store in San Fransisco, I've only worn it maybe 2-3 times and I have just recently had it washed. It needs some light ironing. Comes with dress, waist ties, and detachable bow.

Damages:  1. It has one stain on the inner liner of the dress. I haven't tried a bleach pen which might work but when I washed it, it didn't come out.
2. It has some other scuff like marks on the inner part of the dress where the ruffles are, very faint and on the inside so unseen when worn. As seen in the second stain photo, these marks are barely visible.
Asking: $195

All measurements are taken while laying flat!

Trades?: No
Layaway?: I can do layaway up to a month, all payments will be nonrefundable.
Payment: Paypal only.
My feedback can be found here.

No paypal fees. No splits. Prices are negotiable. No Refunds, everything is as is.

Thanks for looking!

Timeless trends grey and black corset:

(Owner photo)
Info: I bought this to see if I would like to start wearing corsets, I found out I didn't like them that much so I've only worn this roughly 3 times for 1-2 hours each. According to their website they will not be making this corset again and they are out of stock of size 34 so this will be your last chance to get your hands on it. My photo isn't very good to show the colors so I included the owner photo in additional photos. The website's photos are more true to color. I am not responsible if you buy this and it's the wrong size! Please check their website to see if this corset will fit you!
(Link to Timeless trends listing)
Asking: $85

BtSSB black and white JSK

Chest: 13 in-21.5in
Waist: 12.5in-19in
Length (From top of strap to hem of dress): 40in
The second measurements are while fully stretched (well, to the best of my ability of stretching it).

Info+Damages: This was my very first lolita dress. Unfortunately the seller took poor care of it and the white lace is lightly stained around the neck. I tried cutting off the straps and flipping them around so the more stained areas are towards the back of the dress. The stains are so light that I can't get a very good photo of them but they are noticeable when wearing a white shirt. It is best to wear this with a black undershirt (or undershirt of color). I added photos of the closeups of the front and back of the straps to show that the mod job is not noticeable.

Additional photos: (Closeup of straps front) (Closeup of straps back) (Mod job)
Asking: $80.00 SOLD

Tags: !ds, *plus size, baby the stars shine bright, item:accessory, item:jumperskirt
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