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- I ship from CA, USA
- I have no pets or conditions
- All prices are in USD
- Paypal ONLY
- Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees. Please ask for total quota.  
- I do accept gifting.
- I ship USPS with tracking.  
- Please inquire if you want insurance.
- I try to thoroughly inspect these items as best as I can. If there is a flaw that you notice upon receiving, it may have  been damaged during the shipping process which I do not hold responsible for.
Here is my feedback:

Here are my proofs of ownership:

Christmas Special!!
Any item that is considered "small" (can be fit into a 6x9 envelope) will include FREE SHIPPING!
*First Class Shipping ONLY. Priority Mail Shipping rates must be included in price.

Also, each purchase comes with a pair of earrings! This offer is only up until all earrings are gone.
*Colors available listed below. If you need hypoallergenic earrings, I do not recommend getting a pair.

Pink, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Sax
BTSSB Sax Set - $300 $195 or BEST OFFER

This was my very first set, bought from the BTSSB store in SF. Only worn once. In good condition.
The petticoat came with the JSK. A good set for new Lolitas!
Measurements for the JSK can be found here:

Here are the prices for each item separately:
Sugary Flora JSK in Sax - $225 $175
Sugary Flora Petticoat - $25  $20 (Free if you buy the JSK)
Emilliene Rose Headbow -  $45 $30
Candy Ribbon Chou-Chou

AP A La Carte Grosgrain Haircombs in WhitexPink - $30 $20 or BEST OFFER

Bought at the AP store in SF. Pretty good condition. Only tried on a couple of times.
One of the combs is slightly loosened. Since these have barely been touched, it most likely came that way. Desperately want to be rid of!

BTSSB SF Tote in White - $55 or BEST OFFER

Bought this at the BTSSB store in SF. Only used once. I really do not have any WhitexPink in my wardrobe, so I would like this to go to a better home.
It's technically the white colorway but it is a bit more on the ivory side.
The bow in the front was re-enforced and the nose on the Usakumya keychain is a bit dirty, so I tried to reflect this on the price.
It's about 11.75" x 15.75".

BTSSB Plastic Parasol in Pink - $15 or BEST OFFER

Bought this at the BTSSB store in SF, my very first item. Use a couple of times in very light rain, so there is no yellowing on the plastic. Provided is an image of the parasol when opened:
The top of the parasol is subtly worn out (does not show up in any pictures I took) but not severely, so it still looks pretty new.
*I am unsure of shipping costs for such an item, so I will figure out the shipping for the parasol before invoicing you.

BTSSB Fairina Rose Headdress in Pink - $110 or BEST OFFER

I got this at the BTSSB Elevenses party back in July. Never worn, only tried. I do not have any pink in my wardrobe that will work with it.
Below are some detail shots of it.
Detail 1 Detail 2
Here is the Lolibrary entry for more info and better detail shots:

Curly Wig in Dark Brown - $20 or BEST OFFER

Betsey Johnson Blue Dress with Rose Print - $65 or BEST OFFER

Bought this on the EGL sales. Never worn, only tried. I do not have any red in my wardrobe (nor do I want to start building on it) so I'd rather it go to a good home.

This is a Betsey Johnson size 2, but it can stretch just a teeny bit. (I'm a size 4 and it's only a little bit tight).
Size 2 measurements are:
B - 33.5"
W - 26"
H - 36.5"

I want all of these GONE!
I am open to offers, just comment!
Thanks for looking!
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