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!DS Star Night Theater Replica + Older posts with Boots, Wigs, Bloomers

~ My feedback can be found here
~ I accept Paypal, concealed cash, or money orders.
~ Concealed cash and money orders must be sent in a first class package w/tracking to guarantee they will not be lost :]
~ Items will ship within 3 business days of receiving cleared payment.
~ All domestic shipments are First Class w/tracking by default.
~ The boots are heavy so they will have to ship Priority ;] They can be sent parcel post per request, but the price difference probably won't be too much.
~ Shipping is only included in the price when specified.
~ Some prices are firm, some aren't, it should say so next to the price
of the item. (i.e. If the price can be haggled it should say "OBO" or
"Or Best Offer" next to it.) If you see this, please dont be shy about making offers~
~ Not interested in trades right now :]
~ I can ship internationally, but certain items (like heavy things) will have domestic priority.
~ If you are international and elect to use First Class I can only accept a gift payment as this service has no way
of being tracked.
~ Paypal fees are included in the price.
~ The first person to express legitimate interest and willing to pay full
price has priority, not the first to leave paypal. So feel free to ask
questions :]

Thanks for stopping by ;]

Item 1 - Star Night Theater Replica Skirt (Oo Jia) - Condition: Tried on once/Brand New - Price: $65 Shipped Waist: 34 inches, minimum. Max would probably be like 41 inches.Tried on once for a few minutes then sat in a closet! My waist is 34 inches and I don't stretch the shirring at all. In fact its a smidge droopy o: (but not overly so). It has a built-in petti, comes with waist ties, and detachable bow. These are normally $75. I do like this but there's another skirt I want that I like better :x The lighting makes it look washed out but I promise its not like that in real life. Sold

Older posts:

Boots, bloomers, wigs:
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