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!DS: Socks, Metamorphose skirt, Gallery Serpentine underbust corset

The Corset $150 (includes US shipping)
This corset was purchased in the summer of 2004 from the original Gallery Serpentine Shop in Australia. I loved this corset and wore it on three occasions. Since then, corsets are not my thing anymore, and I haven't worn it in years, so I think it's time to sell this to a corset enthusiast. 
I could wax poetic on this corset forever. I'm talking some serious quality. You've probably all seen corsets sold at cons and Renaissance Faires, you know, the ones made of awful satin that have wavy stitching? This is not those corsets. Also, to the best of my knowledge this style corset is no longer sold. 
-Like new condition
-Steel boning 
-Hand made by some insane sewing Australian ninja
-I believe it is black silk, which is what I remember the woman saying when I bought it
-Royal purple flower detailing on the front
-Eyelet hooks
-The straightest stitching you've ever seen in your life 
-It's listed as a corset size ten (this is Aussie sizes mind)
 -My estimations of measurement: 
   -Would fit up to a 36inch waist with some sucking in
   -Would fit up to a 40 inch hip, with more sucking in
  -I fit in comfortably at 28/36
-When laced tight, it goes to a 22inch waist (for all you tight waisting fanatics out there)

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Note: the S&H is included for US buyers and will be calculated if you live elsewhere. 
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