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EGL Feedback (none as of right now)
eBay Feedback (100% positive as a seller & buyer)

I bought this OP at the BTSSB store in San Francisco a few months ago, and would really like to sell or trade it. It was an impulse buy and I just don't really think it fits my style.

(Heh, ignore the somewhat awkward pose. I figured it was the best way to show the sleeves. And please excuse the poor lighting. I'm a bit limited in my apartment. I can retake some photos with better lighting if requested.)

Additional Photos:  Back of Dress / Pattern Close-up (Front) / Pattern Close-up (Back) / Sleeve Detail / Skirt Front / Lace Trim / BTSSB Tag

It has only been worn once and is in excellent condition.
The waist ties, neck ties, and chiffon sleeves are detachable. The front bow is not.
Measurements (taken from lolibrary): Bust - 92 / Waist - 72 / Length - 91
My measurements are 86 bust & 69 waist and it fits me well with a little room to spare. There is a zipper up the back as you can see in the "Back of Dress" photo above.

I'm open to just about anything, but please keep in mind that my tastes tend to lean towards gothic and occasionally classic. To give you a general idea, here is my wishlist. But please feel free to show me anything not on this list. =]

Right now I'll consider any serious offers. My asking price at the moment is $300 (which is considerably lower than what I paid), but don't be afraid to make offers.

Thanks for looking! ^.^
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