Sophie (belle_sophie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: BTSSB clothes, jewelry, and accessories; all under $36 shipped

100% positive seller feedback at eglfeedback (+63).
Shipping is included, for US buyers only.
US buyers have priority.
Prices are in USD ($).
I do not charge paypal fees.
Discount for combined/multiple items.

BTSSB Winter Muff, SOLD.
Super soft, super plush faux fur all over and inside.
Beautifully laced grosgrain ribbon strap and sweet pink bows adorned with faux pearl.
Hidden pocket with BTSSB brand tag.
Used once, with no stains, damages, or defects.

BTSSB Cutsew Size S, $25 shipped.
Front embroidered emblem, slightly cinched shoulders and sleeves.
Never used or worn, but could definitely use a good ironing.
Otherwise no stains, damages, or defects.

Alice and the Pirates Tights, SOLD.
Stretchy opaque white material and amazing lurex-laced AATP brand stitching.
Worn once, accrued some staining at the feet and a small patch-like graying around the knee.

BTSSB Bow Necklace, $25 shipped.
Translucent pinkish purple in color with glamorous glitter throughout.
Looks brand new.

BTSSB Tiara Crown Hair Clip, SOLD.
Vintage silver with pink roses.
All eleven rhinestone jewels are intact.

BTSSB White Shoe Clips, SOLD.
Never used or worn.
No stains or visible damage, but the tips are a bit curled.

BTSSB Pink Ribbon Choker, SOLD.
Grosgrain ribbon, satin bows, faux pearls, and dangling gold emblem.
Worn once over clothing.  No stains, damages, or defects.

Secret Christmas present for buyers. ^^
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