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DS: BtSSB Little Cat Bouquet JSK in Wine REDUCED!

My Feedback

-Paypal only.
-I have a cat, and ferrets. They don't get near my lolita items but the stray cat hair is going to happen.
-Must pay within 24 hours.
-Holds only accepted with 20% non-refundable deposit.
-Price includes shipping for US only.
-Measurements are taken by an amateur, I do my best, but ask further questions if needed.
-First to inquire about an item has preference, but you must be quick to respond or I'll give it to first to post paypal info. This is just to allow people to ask questions without getting sniped before receiving an answer.
-No trades.
-Will do local pick-ups.

International Shipping
-Please ask for shipping quote.
-I ship EMS. If you want priority shipping instead for these items, payment must be via gift.
-I take the US shipping off the price for priority shipping only. Using EMS always turns to a huge ordeal at the post office and usually costs more than quoted.

Please make an offer if you don't like the price.

BtSSB Little Cat Bouquet JSK in Wine from 2010 - $152 shipped in US

Link to Hellolace
Bought new, perfect condition. Beautiful wine color dress, wonderful around the holidays. About 85cm bust with lacing and shirring in back to fit many sizes. Feel free to ask about your specific size. All items in the coordinate picture (except the blouse) are for sale in my older post. If you buy any of the coordinate items, I will take $10 off the bow, and $5 off the socks. Everything was bought new and lightly worn.

Old Sales:

Thanks for looking!
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