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SS! Btssb "Rin chan's black cat" series store reservation! I offer 5 spots!

Reservation for
Btssb  Rin chan no Kuroneko

(Rin chan's black cat

I offer 5 spots !!*^-^*

I am going to reserve the "Rin chan no kuroneko"series,at December 9th.(Store reservation)

Tea party's fashion show video
The first dress is the Rin chan no kuronako dress.

more details

You can see the measurement and details if you click the "Details" on website<3
I will be glad to reserve for you , if you need my help^-^

My SS datails are here
and my feedback

and my DS post

-JPY only
-Paypal only
-You must to pay within 48 hours.
-I will invoice you the deposit after I was able to make the reservation.
Also I refund you the deposit once I received your reservation items from the store.
- My SS fee is item price +10% +train fare(400yen)

These reserations are never 100% garanteed,because of crazy order.
-The shop don't accept the cancellation of the reservation with any reasons.
-You should not post , if you did not ready to pay.
-I wii reserve one of each items per spot.
-I can't inform you your international shipping until I received your items, because it is depend's on the weight.

-Deposits for holding items
*1000yen for the cuffs
*2000yen for the bag or the  blouse
*4000yen for the dress

Please use the form when you decied to use my SS for this reservation.
Also you can pm me if you have a question, but do NOT contact me via PM or e-mail if you order this reservation.
Please post here if you decided to reserve this series.
I would like every gilrl to know who is 1 st  line or how many spots are still available by looking post.

The deadline of the reservation spots are 13:00 at 9th (Japan time)

Reservation form
PP address:
Your location:
Item name:

Thank you for looking!!^-^

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