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AC: Chibi art commish.

EGL feedback:
Accept payment via Paypal.

Would anyone be interested in chibis like the one in the 2nd image? ; u ; It's a simplified waist-up (it was freebie art for someone), but you will be getting is a detailed fullbody chibi (whether sketch or coloured). I can do you, your friends or original characters.

(No. 1 is a WIP. No. 2 is the style you will be getting, just with more details and in fullbody. No. 3 & 4 are there for the sake of being there LOL. )

Pricing: SGD $12 - 25 (depending on complexity and designs. Solid colour dresses with no/little prints? $12-15. Super complicated dress? $16-25.)

Prices are negotiable :3 All art are done on A4 sized canvas, 300 dpi. You may also leave special requests, and i will see what i can do with it. My art may fluctuate a bit, so please keep that in mind. If interested, please leave a comment/pm/email me at Commissions are for personal use only.

Please note that i am a full time student, so it will take me some time to complete the art. Waiting time can range from 1 week to 2 months max. I will ask for payment as soon as you approve of the sketch :D I will open 3 slots for now.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read e v e /
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