kinerai (kinerai) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT/WTB: BTSSB bunny earmuffs

It's been a while since I posted in this community, but I finally decided to trade my bunny ears headband.
Here's my EGL feedback:
I ship from Canada, shipping is usually 2-3 weeks depending on the country I send the package to.

I'd like to trade my BTSSB bunny ears headband for the earmuffs version. I live in a cold place and it'd be way more useful to have the earmuff version than the headband one.

If no one suggest a trade, I am ready to buy the earmuff version from you instead of trading.

Here is my headband version, I bought it in perfect condition and never wore it. The color is more pink than white. The ears are adjustable :3

The version I am looking for is this one with the earmuffs:

Tags: !dt, !wtb, baby the stars shine bright
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