Validee (griffith) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Closet Cleaning- 9 dresses, coat, 6 tops, 4 shoes + More!

Prices do not include shipping, please include your zip/country and shipping preference (priority or first class).  Cost of box/envelope and tracking (US only) will be added to shipping costs.

I'm moving to South Korea in two months and in the process of clearing out my room.  Because of this, I prefer not to do holds/payment plans for longer than a week.  I also rather not do trades, for this reason.

I'm going to LA this week so I won't be able to ship anything later than Tuesday until the week after.  If you want something sent ASAP, please pay ASAP.

Most things are linked to lolibrary for sizing info and stock photos.

AatP ivory Beauty and the Rose Promise OP + Headbow- $250 for the set (will only split if there is a buyer for both)

Worn picture

Worn 4 times.  It's in great condition outwardly, but there is a small amount of hidden damage to the inside of the fabric
It's tough to photograph because it's a texture thing, but there's a rough patch where the fabric was ironed from the backside.  The front of the fabric and the print are still smooth and unaltered by the damage, so it does not show.  The rough patch is also covered on the inside of the skirt by the lining, so you don't have to feel it while worn.  I've worn and gently washed the dress since the initial damage and it hasn't worsened and the fabric hasn't weakened.  However, I tried pricing it to reflect the damage.

AatP ivory Stained Glass Seraphim long OP- $250

Damage- I'm not sure what this stain is.  It's located on the back bodice near the top.  My hair covers it so I didn't worry too much about it, not sure if it will come out or not. 
I love this op, but I keep getting urges to cut it into a normal length jsk.  I figured I might as well try selling it before doing so XD 

Baby black Pockets jsk- $225 (has different embroidery than link) SOLD

Worn once by me, bought from comm sales.  Great condition, can't find any flaws. 

IW lavender Dollhouse OP- $250

Selling because I finally got the black version.  Great condition, can't find any flaws. 

IW pink Rose and Little Bird long jsk- $150 SOLD

This was an oddment item.  There's a small place where the threads have come loose on the zipper.  I've worn it and it wasn't visible/didn't cause any problems, but it should be an easy fix.

IW black velveteen Piano OP- $150 

This dress came to me missing waist ties.  It's gorgeous and I would have loved to keep but, but I tried wearing it once but it's just too loose on me.  I'm a 34" bust and 26" waist for reference.  Definitely a great dress for somebody bustier.

IW greyxblack Chess Jsk- $175 SOLD

Worn twice, no flaws that I can find.  I love this fabric, it's woven instead of printed.  Fairly typical IW measurements with shirring in the back, but I can measure it if anybody is interested.

IW pink Pompadour long jsk- $200

Gorgeous print, but I really don't like the longer dresses on me.  Worn twice, can't find any flaws.

JetJ brown Empreinte de la Genese- $350

I adore everything about this jsk but the length. The design is flocked. Worn once, no flaws.

Baby Trench Coat- $175

Baby Pup in a Cup Halter- $30

BTSSB cherry yellow cutsew- $30

Worn once, fits up to a 35" bust

AatP ivoryxbrown Melty Mermaid Headdress- $40

Black Secret Shop Tea Parties (size M)- $45

Minimal scuffs, worn once. 

Brown Secret Shop Tea Parties (size M) -$45

Minimal scuffs, but they're a bit dirty on the bottom.

Mint Secret Shop Heels (size M)- $40

Worn once, minimal scuffs. 

Bordeaux Secret Shop rose heels (size M)- $20 (missing a rose on each shoe, glue spot remaining where they fell off... Selling cheap in case somebody wants to try fixing them up.) SOLD

Innocent World Bordeaux Socks- $35

Worn twice, no damages

Meta white chiffon blouse- $60

Worn once, no damages

Meta ivory chiffon blouse- $60 SOLD

Worn once, no damages

IW Grey Blouse (size M)- $75

Worn twice, no damages

IW dusty lavender blouse (size M)- $65

Meta pink tote bag- $15

Tag has been removed

Meta Heart Necklace- $15 SOLD

Meta Fleur de lis Necklace- $20

Thanks for looking!
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