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DS: F+F AATP replica skirt, Petite Angel Blouse

Image-Term of Sales-Image
buyers must read the terms of sales and understand my sales rules. If
you do not and make a post without the required form, I will not process
the sale and it will go to the next person in line.

♥ I take payments via paypal both C.C and non C.C.
♥ I do not charge paypal fees.
♥ No E-checks, personal checks, concealed cash, or money orders please.
♥ All prices in USD and must be paid in USD.
♥ Prices do not including shipping fees.
Serious buyers only. Please do not waste my time.
♥ Buyers with allergies, please be aware that I do own two dogs.
♥ I will make sure all items are cleaned, pressed, and free of dog hair before shipping.
♥ Buyer must pay for item within 24hours, or item goes to next person who wishes to buy.
♥ Any buyer who does not pay within 24 hours and does not contact me
with the reason why no payment was made, will be left negative feedback.
♥ Buying is based on first come first serve. Sale will go to the person who leaves their paypal first.
No price haggling.
♥ I will always take more pictures upon request.
No Holds at this time.
All sales are final. No refunds or returns.

I will trade for:
♥Classic style blouse or bolero.
♥Another skirt in a classic style.
♥Winter muff or stole.
♥I would really love some winter season items.

♥Colors I am looking for are kinari/ivory, chocolate/ dark brown, dark blues.
♥I prefer darker jewel tones and no prints unless they are floral.

♥A taobao brand/offbrand item of equal value off my wishlist: http://mrs-gackt-camui.livejournal.com/23705.html
♥ I am open to taobao brands, offbrand and handmade, but no bodyline please.


♥ All packages will be shipped on either Friday the 9th of December or Saturday the 10th of December. This is due to finals week at college and moving home for a month on the 8th. If there are any further delays I will let the buyer know right away via PM.
♥ I ship USPS priority within the US.
♥ I ship all items with tracking numbers which cost an extra .70¢ on top normal shipping fees.
♥ If you would like a different shipping method please let me know.

♥ Shipping Internationally will vary in cost, depending on the size
of the item. Please expect higher cost, as shipping internationally is
expensive. I will do my best to get you the lowest price possible.
♥ I do recommend all buyers get insurance for their items. It is not required but highly recommended.
I will not/can not be held responsible for any lost packages, sorry.
Twice now I have had packages shipped to the UK get lost, one very
recently. I will still ship to the UK, although hesitant. I highly
recommend insurance for the item if you live in the UK that way should
it become loss, it is not a complete loss for both parties.
(If you have read the terms of sale, write "Swan" in the required field on the order form)

You can find my eglfeedback page here.
I also have personal sales feedback here on my journal.
And my forum feedback page here.

My Measurements for reference:
Bust: 84.4cm (34inch)
Waist: 66cm (26inch)
Hips: 88.9 cm (35inch)
Height: 162.56 (5'4'')

When buying please fill out the following form in either a comment here or a private message.
(If you do not fill out this forum, I will not process the sale and it will go to the next person)
Shipping method:
Insurance: y/n
To prove you have read my TOS, please write the required word here:


Aatp Replica Skirt from F+F
In perfect condition, only worn a few times. Can be worn with or without
false corset. Does not come with diamond chain as I did not receive it
with one.

Waist: 66cm (25inches)(Does have shirring. I would push it to 71cm max)
Length: 73cm (28inches)

Price: $40USD

Stock photo


Petite Angel Blouse
In good condition with some slight wear around the button holes.
Square neck design with a corset back to allow for different sizes.
This blouse is great for classic and gothic styles.

Price: $32USD

Measurements laid flat:
Bust: Max 40.6cm (16inches) Min 33cm (13inch)
Waist: Max 35.6cm (14inch) Min 27.9cm (11inch)
Length: 50.8cm (20inch)

Tags: !ds, !dt, *replica, color:black, fanplusfriend, indie brand
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