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DS: h.Naoto butterfly // Victorian Maiden pumps // Floral haircomb

-Shipping with USPS
-Willing to ship worldwide
-I have lots of positive feedback at eglfeedback  (+83) and in my journal (+21)
-Offers are ok, but priority goes to whoever can first pay the  full price or closest to full price
-I have a cat, so if you are allergic please be aware
-Payment by PayPal only
-No PayPal fees
-Extraneous comments will be screened
-I reserve the right to refuse sale
-Payment is due 1hr after invoice unless discussed
-Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask! :)

Alice and the Pirates -SOLD-
Melty Mermaid Princess Skirt 
additional photo
front corset
back corset
pearls sewn
corset worn

Excellent condition, no stains, rips, etc and worn only twice. I added pearl bead strands (like a jellyfish) to the bottom of the skirt. I added a photo to show that they are sewn in on the inside of the dress and can easily be removed without damage. If requested, I can remove the pearls before shipping. This dress is so gorgeous, it features art by Yoh. The corset is offered for an additional $25 but please note it is made by an amateur. It has boning sewn in and is meant to be slipped on after back corseting is loosened. So if anyone is interested in it, I would be happy to get the measurements. Here are the dress measurements on Baby's site.

Asking Price: SOLD thank you!
Shipping within US (w/ tracking): $6
Shipping first-class worldwide: $8

(please inquire for other shipping options)

h.Naoto Honey -SOLD-
Butterfly Camisole

Excellent condition/ like-new. This top by h.Naoto is so beautiful and great quality. There are pin-tucks on the front, buttons down center, a large bow on the back, and embroidered butterfly details on the bottom- this camisole is gorgeous.

Asking Price: SOLD thank you!
Shipping within US (w/tracking): $4
Shipping worldwide: $6

Victorian Maiden -SOLD-

side view 1 , 2 & 3
bottoms 1 & 2

Good condition, light wear- there are just minor scuffs on the soles and bottoms please check my photos for reference. These are the authentic Victorian Maiden pumps, not replicas. This is a really excellent pair of shoes as they are really good quality and good at resisting damage and scuffs. I'm selling these because they are a little too small on me. They did fit, but after 3 hours they would be painful. I wear a size US 7, M size which these are- but I think VM shoe sizes may run a little small. I recommend these for US size 6.5~6 wearers.

Asking Price: SOLD
Shipping within US (w/tracking): $6
Shipping worldwide: $10

Floral Haircomb

This is a leather sculpture by the user "tanglefrost" on etsy. I've worn it once: photo
It's beautifully hand sculpted and painted. There are freshwater pearls at the center of each flower.

Asking Price: $25
Shipping within US (w/tracking): $4
Shipping worldwide: $5
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