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DT/Possible DS: Meta Revival bouquet for classic

General info:

- My feedback:
- I come from a non-smoking home
- I accept payment via Paypal
- Shipping not included in price

Metamorphose Revival Bouquet high waist JSK: $190
Mine is BLUE- see proof pictures! Stock picture provided because it does the dress justice much better than my photos do.

- Bust up to 94 cm, waist measurements free-sized due to the high waist. Length is 106 cm.

- I'd prefer to trade this dress as opposed to selling it. If I do sell it, I will not sell for less than $200.
- All items must fit a 36" bust, 28" waist.
- I am interested in anything classic, including blouses, skirts and JSKs.
- I like florals, green, blue, red, dusty pink, brown, and cream.
- For an idea of things I like, see my wishlist.
- Nothing high-waisted, please!
- I'm specifically hoping for Meta's pintuck tiered JSK in navy or red.

I bought this dress brand new, only to find that it is not at all flattering on me. The dress has only been tried on for an hour or so. It's gorgeous, the print is extremely detailed and the dark blue color is very rare for lolita! 

Please ask if you have any questions!
Tags: !ds, !dt, color:blue, item:jumperskirt, metamorphose
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