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DS/DT: Black Sweet Goth OP for OP, JSK, Purse, Red Wig, or VW

Hi there! So I'm selling this Sleeveless OP that my Boyfriend bought me for my birthday.
There really is nothing wrong with it, got it in the mail yesterday and it was nothing like the pictures on the website. Was supposed to be a halter top, lower bust line, and lower waist line. ( I usually wear a corset w/ my dresses)

So! My options are to sell it, or alter it. And honestly, I'd rather not spend the time to alter this thing.

The dress in question this cute layered cake, and for reference, my measurements are 36/28/34
However, there are waist ties for the waist to be smaller (I had to tie them tighter myself), and shirring in the bust for larger busts. The skirt is very full, so it can fit large petticoats. I myself have one that I consider to be fairly large, and this is what it looks like:
Front Laid Flat Front Detail Back Laid Flat

I'm looking to either sell this piece for $60 USD + Shipping
or trade for either a jsk, op, or skirt in Victorian Gothic fashion (no pinks, no fruity patterns) OR a small purse, (again, no pink, fruity patterns. I like book purses and stuff like that, anything medium sized with a long strap) Red or Ginger wig, long short, I will consider anything, or ANYTHING VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. I love that girl.

My EGL Feedback
My Ebay Feedback

Please send me your lovelies!! I really don't want this dress anymore!!!

Tags: !ds, !dt, color:black, item:accessory, item:bag, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:skirt, vivienne westwood
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