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DS: Pink Macaroon Yellow Unicorn Skirt, Meta Parka, Black wig and more

+I DO own both a cat and a dog. They are not allowed in my room/where the clothes are kept, but I think this would be best to mention.
+all items come from a non-smoking home.
+my feedback page is: here (13 positive, 0 negative)
+PayPal only
+All prices are in USD
+Prices DO include shipping/Paypal fees, which includes tracking, within the US.
+I ship from the US
+I prefer to ship to America, and American customers will take priority. I do and have shipped internationally, but please be aware that shipping will be extra. I will combine shipping.
+NO trades, please
+if you need more pictures or info, please ask!


H. Naoto Hangry & Angry Long-sleeved Cutsew

print close-up:

Flat measurements: 30" bust, 31" waist. Sleeves are super long and measure 24". Very stretchy--should fit at least 36" bust. Worn a few times, can be safely washed in washer.

Metamorphose Hoodie/Parka

print close-up:

Adorable hoodie/parka bought off ebay. Looks to be mint condition. Never worn by me. Thin material, would look good over a skirt or JSK. Again, cut slightly short. Should fit around a 35-36" bust, 29 to possibly 30" waist. VERY stretchy. Also, if you have long arms the sleeves may not reach to your wrists.


Pink Macaroon Yellow Unicorn Skirt and Headbow

print close-up:


Beautiful handmade skirt made specifically for me/ my 27" waist by Pink Macaroon. Well made and includes the headband. Fits a bit roomy, 27.5" max. Only worn a couple times.

Kodona Shorts

Beautiful cream kodona shorts. There are a few holes in the back from where it has been pinned but I could not capture them with the camera. Recommended for at least 35" hips and 29" waist and above.


Medium/short black wig



$18. A very nice, silky wig. This one is a rather good find. It is a pure black color and doesn't have a blue tone that is captured on the pictures with flash. It feels very soft and the bangs can be styled straight across or to the side.
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