Dashiana (dashiana) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Dream-V shoes, pink coat/cape

Hello EGL! 

I'm approaching you with a yet another WTB post, and this time, it's a bit of a long shot. I'm hoping to find a certain pair of Dream-V shoes I unfortunately missed on the shop (and regret it!). I'm looking for them in pink, and in the size L! I will also be happy to look at similar shoes in the same size, even if not from Dream-V. :>

And aside from this, I am also looking to buy a winter coat/cape in in pink! :) I'd be interested in shorter coats/jackets, and I'll be happy to look at both brand and off brand stuff, but as I live in Finland, the coat/cape will have to be warm! (My feedback can be found here!)
Tags: !wtb
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