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DA: Rare Angelic Pretty OP!

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*Please ask for shipping rates!
*Backing out of a sale will result in neutral feedback
*I have a cat and a dog, but they're not allowed near my clothing
*I don't smoke
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DA: Angelic Pretty Dollhouse OP

This is a truly beautiful dress. It's very rare and still in great condition (4/5). I'm sad to let it go, but I just don't wear it often enough to have it just hang around in my closet! Note, it does not include the fur collar!

Worn Hello Lace

The dress has a lot of shirring and is slightly larger than the average AP dress. It has back lacing, so small sizes will fit this dress beautifully as well!

Starting price: $300
BIN: $410

Current bid: $310

Please bid in increments of $5. Auction will end on 6 December, 23:00 GMT +1

Please also check my other listing!

Thank you for looking! <3
Tags: !da, angelic pretty, color:black, color:grey, item:onepiece
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