Jessie-Kate (jessiekaterose) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: Anna House blouse, (XS) different bows and some jewelry

These prices don't include shipping. I will consider all reasonable offers!

White Anna House blouse with detachable sleeves size XS $35
No signs of damage whatsoever. This is from when their quality was a lot better, and I've worn it somewhere around 5-6 times. It has a little shirring in the back. The measurements are approximately:
Waist: 19"~24"
Bust: 30"~34"

Bows $1 ea. for the black ones or $2 for all three; $2 each for the blue ones; the white ones are sold. I'll add a headband or attach a pin backing to make it detachable for $.50 each.

Silver color necklace and bracelet $3 each separate, $5 together, $4 together with something else
The bracelet is approximately 7".

My feedback can be found here:
Tags: !ds, anna house

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