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DS: AATP Daniel trousers and offbrand kodona

Location: England

Feedback on eglfeedback
and Ebay.

Hello everyone! I am clearing some unused items from my mostly pirate-y wardrobe today! I ship from the United Kingdom. Please ask for shipping quotes!

Firstly is a pair of AATP 'Daniel' trousers which I bought off another member of the community. They are used but in excellent condition and the reason I am letting them go is because I don't think I
suit them. :(

For your reference, the previous owner told me there was a repair to a small gap that opened up in the seam by the pocket not long after they were bought (thread just came loose). It is not
noticeable at all when worn, but when looking very, VERY closely you can see the blue thread. The measurements are: Waist 74 cm Inseam 77 cm. Information can be found on Hellolace here.

$65/£42 +

I also had some prince shorts/breeches made for me but unfortunately they turned out too big,
and I don't really have the time to get them altered so if anyone is interested, I am willing to let both go at a reduced price? The material is excellent quality, very sturdy! There are side zippers and button details. Very good craftsmanship! Flat measurements: width 17" length 20" cuff width
6.5" For your reference, I have around 32.5" hips and these are very loose! I'd say there's about 2-3" I would have to take in if I were to alter them to fit!

They cost me $75 each but I'd let them go for $31/£20 each or $60 for both. :)


(Apologies for the blurring, but it's just to give you an idea of how they look worn! They
are rather baggy on me here, but they should be slightly more fitted.)

Any questions, feel free to ask!

Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates

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