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DS: sold

I accept paypal payments only, and no E-checks. Prices are in USD. Priority will go to the first person to comment with their location, desired method of shipping, and paypal address ready for an invoice. However, I still reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason. Here is my feedback:

I will ship this item to the US ONLY! Because it is difficult for me to get to the post office before it closes during the week, I have to limit the sale to US only(I can use the automated shipping center for US shipping). Sorry! :(

Metamorphose March of Duck in white:


Adorable print, in good condition. It has two modifications. One is that the pleated tulle that was attached to the lining has been removed. The lining itself is still intact and attached. Just the tulle was removed. This was done by the previous owner.

The other modification is that I have moved the two buttons on each strap down lower, to allow for a longer torso/larger bust. It left a small pucker at each spot where there was a button. They are not very large or noticeable when worn:

Here are some coordinated photos of it for inspiration:
none of the items shown in these two pictures are included with the dress or for sale, this is just as an example :)

Price: $80
Priority shipping within the US will be $10.95. First Class will be $8. Please let me know which you would prefer.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, color:red, color:white, color:yellow, item:jumperskirt, metamorphose

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