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DS Huge closet clean-out

All prices include shipping in the US, will take offers on the more expensive items.
Other pictures available on request

Angelic Pretty Garden Party Jumperskirt in pink

Personal picture

Condition:  New without tags, only tried on

Measurements:  35in long, shirring in the back and fits me fine at bust 36"/waist 26"

Price:  $185

Baby Border Print Jumperskirt in pink

On my poupeegirl

Front lace placket and waist bow are removable

Condition:  Worn on a few occasions, dry-cleaned since, no signs of wear

Measurements:  Shirred back, fits me fine at 36' bust, 26' waist

Price:  $165

Baby Heart Bag SOLD

Personal picture
Attempt at showing the inner logo
Outside embossed logo

Condition:  Used a few times, no noticeable signs of wear.  Includes detachable shoulder strap.

Price:  $150

Baby Bolero

A dusty rose color, beautiful knit lace at sleeves and hem, bought at Baby Paris

On my poupeegirl

Condition:  New, never worn

Measurements:  Sleeves:  23in, tie at bust means it can be accommodate most sizes

Price:  $125

Alice and the Pirates Skirt

Very pretty antique-style lace!

Print detail, rhinestones, lace
Built-in petticoat

Condition:  Tried on a few times, never worn

Measurements:   Half-elasticized waist:  28in max.  Length:  23in (longer than many of their skirts, great for tall lolitas!)

Price:  $135

Baby Macaron Socks

Only sold at the Paris store, cute macaron detailing at top

Condition:  New, never worn

Price:  $27

Baby Logo Socks in pink

Personal picture
Logo detail

Condition:  Worn a few times, have been cleaned, a little discoloring on the bottoms

Price:  $14

Baby Black Totebag

Print detail, rhinestones

Condition:  Never used

Price:  $23

Black Rose Chocolat Classic Maryjanes
These shoes in black.

Condition:  Worn a few times, so there are some minor surface scratches, but nothing very visible.

Measurements:  They are a size 24.5 with a 3cm heel and are true-to-size

Price:  $65

Metamorphose Strawberry Cherry Skirt

Personal picture
Belt detail
Built-in petticoat

Condition:  Tried on a few times, never worn

Measurements:  Full elastic waist, 36in max

Price:  $145

White Off-brand Sweater

Small pink crest on the breast

Condition:  Never worn, like new

Measurements:  Bought in the children's department - size XL (16) children.  It fits me with a 36" bust but that's probably the max

Price:  $17

Lian Lian Music Note Skirt

Pink skirt with black musical notes along the bottom.  The lace is good-quality eyelet, and there is a built-in petticoat and lining.

Condition:  Worn a few times, but in like-new condition.  It has been cleaned after being worn.

Measurements:  Waist:  78cm/32 in; length:  48cm/19 in

Stock photo
Print and lace detail

Price:  $35

Pink Bodyline Shoes
Pink kitten-heeled shoes with bows on the toes (detachable) and on the ankle strap (non-detachable).  An earlier shoe from Bodyline but still very good quality.  Great for classic lolita!

Condition:  New, only half-tried on one shoe.  I have the original box, but it is not in new condition because the shoes were mailed to me using just the box (I will put it in another box, of course, and it shouldn't matter anyway, but just so you know and weren't wondering why the box is a little beat-up).

Measurements:  Size M (insole measurement is 23.5), with a 3 cm heel.  Also, I would not recommend these shoes for anyone with wide feet.

Price:  $30

FanPlusFriend Coat
White cotton coat with removable collar and caplet, ruffles and bow in back. The collar, the edge of the caplet, and the bows on the sleeve are made of some sort of off-white (but not much different than the white of the coat) corduroy velvet-type fabric.  For reference, it is this coat in white.
Condition: New without tags, only tried on twice by me.
Measurements: This is one of their standard sizes - size 12, which is listed as 36" bust, 28" waist, and 38" hips. It's fairly true-to-size, maybe a little smaller in the bust.

Bustle - http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w244/sweetwinterlight/Sales/100_0503.jpg
Without caplet - http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w244/sweetwinterlight/Sales/100_0505.jpg
Front, hanging up - http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w244/sweetwinterlight/Sales/100_0507.jpg
Back, hanging up - http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w244/sweetwinterlight/Sales/100_0508.jpg
Collar detail (without flash) - http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w244/sweetwinterlight/Sales/100_0515.jpg
Collar detail (with flash) - http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w244/sweetwinterlight/Sales/100_0514.jpg

Price:  $65

Paypal only, please (non-CC unless you are willing to pay the fee for credit or debit payments)

My feedback on the database is here.

Also, my family has a cat and a dog, but the dog isn't allowed in my room, and the cat doesn't go in my closet, but just so you know.
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