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!WTB Christmas wish list


Hey guys I know for a lot of you it is still a little to early to be thinking about Christmas but my mom wants to know what I'd like and since a lot of things on my wish list are hard to find I figured I'd get a head start looking to see what people have. If you have exactly what I'm looking for I wont be able to decide right away because I will have to check with my mom if the price and everything is ok.

Metamorphose Twinkle Journey OP in black

Innocent World Rosa JSK Black
I don't actually know if this is what it is called.  That's what it said in the gothic lolita bible I found it in but I cant seem to find any other info on it.

Victorian Maiden Striped Bouquet doll dress black

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Paris Windows OP Lavender

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Regimental Stripe OP blue

Tags: !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, metamorphose, victorian maiden
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