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DS&GO: Pre-orders for Merry Teatime skirt

Hello again! Everyone!
Pre-orders for Merryberryjelly's Teatime skirt are open~~
This time I just offer limited pieces due to the limited fabric.
Before you order, please read over my post :) Thank you!
Here is my feedback

  -I accept paypal and USD only.
-I am not responsible for lost packages.
-Color can vary slightly from computer to computer.

★About the skirt★

 -The length and waist are customized.
-6 pieces are offered in the first bach, Additional pieces may be available but it all depends.
About Price and Shipping
-$48 per piece including shipping! (available for most of the Europe, North America, and Oceania countries. If you are living in other part of the world, please ask me to adjust the price :)
-ship by airmail, if you want to use other shipping method such as EMS, please tell me, and you should pay more for it.
About the orders
-Since the quantity is limited, priority goes to who PM me to place the order at earlier time.
-I won't charge prepaid deposit. I will PM you after your item is completed, you should pay the total within 5 days.
-It is unacceptable to change your mind once your item is completed. Otherwise you will receive a neutrual or negative feedback.
-You can modify or cancel your order within 3 days after you place the order.
- To order please comment on the post with the following form:
Name or LJ name:
Frequently used email:
Paypal Email:
waist size:
feedback link:

I will screen your comment after receiving it.
Welcome to order and feel free to ask questions! Thanks!
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