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DS/DT/WTB Big sale! Everything low priced!

Hello! I'm selling all these items. Feel free to ask about pricing, but I set the prices pretty much the lowest I want to go. Then again, I'm selling these to buy an expensive new dress, so offer away.
I'm willing to do trades or partial trades.
All prices include shipping in the US. I prefer to ship inside the US.
The person who is willing to pay first gets preference over someone asking about an item. Sorry.
My feedback is here.

(Sold) Metamorphose Happy Cakes set- $130

The dress is in great condition. The bow is wired, with small rhinestones on it. The socks are homemade by the original owner. They match it pretty well. I'm throwing these in for free because they got a hole in one that I fixed.

Emily Temple Cute tiered dress $120
TVery cute and spinny. The back is plain, except for the zipper running down the middle of it. The underarms have slight yellowing. You can probably get that out with Oxyclean.

(Sold) Metamorphose Perfume Bottle jsk $100

The bust measurement is 38" and the waist measurement is 30". It has shirring in the front, and the back is plain. It zips up the side. There's a narrow waist ribbon you can tie either in the front or back.

(Sold) Meta Cat Print skirt, mini length $100

This is a super cute skirt. The trim is almost like pom-poms, but smaller and more subtle. It's free sized and fully elasticized. There's a waist ribbon that goes all the way around that hides the elastic. Even though it's the mini length, I measured it as being 19" long.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tulip Skirt $120

The waist will fit up to 28", but a little tight. The back part is elasticized. The waist ties come off with buttons. This fabric is a textured linen-like fabric. It also has a lining with tulle that makes it puff a little on its own. That's why it looks lumpy in the picture.

(Sold)Angelic Pretty BxW removable sleeves OP $100

This is very good for summer or winter, since the sleeves detatch. They're held in by buttons. The bust measurement on this is 36" and the waist is 30". The shirring is in the front, so you might not want to stretch it to its limit. The back is plain, except for the zipper down the middle.

(sold) Metamorphose Vintage Record jsk, headbow, and socks in Navy $140

This is a really unique dress! The combo of black and navy make it interesting. The bows at the straps are removable broaches. The black trim at the top is removable by button. I think this is so you can either wear it with the trim with no blouse, or without the trim with a black blouse. The max bust is 34". It's only been tried on once.
The zipper is in the side and the back has lace-up shirring.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright blouse $90

This blouse is so pretty, with several kinds of lace and many details. The bust is 35" and the waist is 30". It has only been tried on. The back has darts and pintucks down the middle.

(sold) Metamorphose Mint cutsew $50

This is a pretty short cutsew. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a bolero, but it hits me at the middle of my ribcage. The bottom measurement is 27". I wouldn't buy this if you have a large bust. Only briefly tried on. The tag says 8,400 yen.
The back has 2 ribbon bows.

(sold) Fruit Punch Soda bag in mint $50

This is a very sturdy looking and cute bag. The front has the soda images on it, while the back has small floating fruits. The tag on this says the original price is 12,390 yen. I would really like to trade this one for the bright blue bag that also came in lucky packs.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Princess Shirring jsk $100

Pretty! This will fit most sizes. The back has a really cute bustle!
The lace around the bottom is hearts and spades.
The back ribbon is gone. It was like that when I got it.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Usakuya jsk, L size $100

This has the print of bunny bears and various sweets. It's nice because it has very sweet imagery, but it's not too in-your-face like larger prints are. It's standard Baby size L. The shoulder width is normal for Americans, wider than all my other brand name jsk's.
The back has shirring and lacing.

Megan Maude toile pajama set $60

This is so cute. I'm really sad to let it go because it's such a unique piece (it was a sample for a fashion show,) but my bust grew. The bust measures 35" and the waist is free size.

F+F White sleeveless dress $50

This is a pretty jumper dress. It looks good on its own without something under it. The skirt has a lot of detail and is very full. The bust measures 34" and the waist measures 30".

Cherry Gingham skirt, by miscy $35

This is made longer than the usual lolita skirt to give an otome look. I have a bit of the fabric that I can send along, 1/4 yd I think? So if you're crafty you can make an accessory.

Taobao bolero $25

This bolero comes from a shop on Taobao, I'm not sure which one. It's marked size L, and it closes on a 37" bust. If you want to tie it so it doesn't completely close and have a bigger bust it would still look good.

(Sold) Damaged Anna House jsk with capelet $35

This dress is damaged. The zipper came apart from itself. If you can sew, it would be easy to fix. The bust measurement is 34" and the waist is 29".
This is what the back of the jsk looks like:
It's really cute but needs some work.

Slightly damaged IW jsk $80

This is only damaged a little bit. I took it to the dry cleaners and the shirring in the back went flat. It's like there's no elastic in it. It doesn't look bad, only a little off. The dress zips up the side. The bust measurement is 35" and the waist is 30".

(Sold) Bodyline Cakes skirt and bow set $30

This skirt has 2 kinds of lace on it. The bow isn't attached to anything, but it could be slid onto any headband. The one it came on wouldn't have fit anyone's head. The max waist measurement is 28" but that's a little tight.

Bodyline Angelic Pretty replica hearts skirt $35

The hearts are made with lace! Isn't that cute? The max waist measurement is 28".

(Sold)In the Starlight Red Riding Hood skirt $30

This is made of a very pretty print of scenes in Little Red Riding Hood. It's made for a 29" waist.
Here's a close-up of the fabric

(sold)Metamorphose Overknee black cherry socks

These have been tried on once. It's a pretty mix of pink and deep pink on a black background.
There's a picture of the whole sock here

I'm open to trades, especially for things that were in the other Autumn lucky packs. I am also looking for some black lolita shoes, pretty much any kind. Also, some pink IW socks.
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, color:black, color:blue, color:pink, color:white, emily temple cute, handmade, innocent world, item:bag, item:blouse, item:bolero, item:cutsew, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:skirt, megan maude, metamorphose, taobao
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