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DS: 20%off repost! White JSK, Plaid BtSSB JSK, Replicas, Meta, ITS, AH, BtSSB! CHEAP!

  • Feedback:
  • I ship from the US, and only on Thursdays.
  • Items come from a pet friendly/smoking household, but I try very hard to keep both away from my wardrobe!
  • No trades, please!
  • Shipping included to the US! Please ask about other countries.
  • Please read the descriptions closely! I inspect everything closely before selling and try to include all damages or things of note in the descriptions.
  • I will only do holds if you are willing to make a non-refundable down payment.
All prices negotiable! If you don't like the price, please feel free to make an offer! I really need these things gone!

Momo's white JSK

Back. Bodice closeup.
$60 $48
just before Momo's closed, so it's very nicely made for the price and nearly all the remaining lace is nice cluny lace. It did have some cheap raschel lace and very ugly satin ribbons on it but I carefully removed them. However you can still see a few remaining traces of them. Such as some faint stitch holes on the skirt and a little bit of leftover lace in the seams. The elastic in the straps was also not stretchy at all and too log when I received the dress so on the inside of the sleeves there are little slits where I had to make the elastic smaller and elastic knots. Not at all noticeable when worn. The white fabric used in this dress has  slight blue tint to it, so it's almost like a very, very, very pale blue, I have no idea why, it's just slightly bluer than the other white pieces I own. Unstreched or uncinched it's 38/30, but could go a few inches more or less because of a laced shirring panel in the back!

White Anna House Blouse SOLD

$40 $32
Beautifully made! Is about 39"bust/32"waist. Missing one button, but there is an extra one included in the inside, attached to the tag.

BtSSB ALTERED Dessert Pup skirt. SOLD

Lining view.
$150 $120
Professionally altered so that it would fit a 31" waist. Whole new waistband, no elastic, just a zipper. I believe the skirt was also given a new cotton lining so that the attached petticoat would fit better at a larger waist. This skirt is a bit linty at the moment as I had it in storage near my craft supplies for a while so some faux fur and mohair got stuck to it, I'll try to give it a good lint rolling before I send it out though! I completely adore this print, but I haven't worn it in well over a year and I'm trying to get rid of some unworn Sweet Lolita pieces in my wardrobe.

Bodyline Parfait replica skirt SOLD

$40 $32
This is the 2L version that was only sold for a very limited amount of time! Gorgeous replica made out of nice thick fabric, is lined with a built in petti, and even has glitter in the print!  Half elastic waistband so it stretches from about 24" to 31". No waist ties!

ITS Pampered Poodle skirt

$30 $24
Has a detachable bow that used to have a pearl chain that broke (there's still a little jumpring sewn into the waistband that can easily be removed) and has a side headbow somewhere, if I can find it! 31" waist, non elastic waistband.

Meta room print skirt

$130 $104
Fully elastic skirt, detachable belt, and it even has pockets! Do you know how nice it is to have pockets with Lolita XD? The fully elastic waist make this skirt fit a ton of sizes from about 24" to 38", however, belt maxes out at about 32"

Plaid BtSSB replica- DAMAGED

$50 $40
A replica of BtSSB's famous heart pocket JSK! It was made years and years ago by a Chinese brand that I believe became Infanta,  (making a guess at this since when Infanta first popped up they were selling a lot of the dresses this brand was, their name was something like Nekoworks/Miiwitch). Please note that the zipper is busted on this! It was busted from the start but I managed to wiggle it back on track and it worked for a while until it decided to bust again. There stitches on the top of the heart pockets is also coming a way a bit. Fits about 41/32" and is rather long, at about 5'8" this covers my knees. Has an old school styled headdress to go with it if I can dig it up!

Tags: !ds, *plus size, *replica, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, color:black, color:blue, color:pink, color:white, in the starlight, metamorphose, offbrand
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