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DS/DT: H. Naoto Frill pouchette, candy pins, and old sales!

Hello, everyone!


- I'm located in California, USA.
- I accept paypal only.
- I am NOT responsible for lost packages.
- Prices do not include shipping or pp fees.
- Prices are flexible, I am willing to haggle!
- I am open to trades or partial trades.
- First to leave paypal gets the item.

- I have feedback here:


And here:



1. DS/DT: H. Naoto Frill BlackxWhite Bow Pouchette

I bought this darling pouchette a while ago, but I feel like now, since I'm moving into more classic and some sweet things, the pouchette doesn't match the rest of my wardrobe. There are no stains or rips on it, and the bag is in extremely good condition. Just a thing to note, however: if you fill the bag up with too many things, it has a tendency to start falling open. In that case, I would normally either tie a small rubber band around the knob closures, or just carry less stuff. Chain is silver colored, in case it's hard to tell in the picture. :)

If I were to trade this for something, I would be looking for more classical type pouchettes in brown, ivory, etc.

Price: $30.00+shipping+fees OBO

2. Light pink and dark pink candy brooches/pins

Adorable light pink and dark pink candy brooches! They fasten onto clothes/bags/etc. with a pin, and include little ribbon ties and rhinestones around their edges. These would be a great addition for sweet/OTT sweet outfits! :)

Price: $3.00 each+shipping+fees, or a total of $5.00+shipping+fees if you buy them as a set.


Old Sales (including an AP memorial cake jsk, AP Jewelry Jelly jsk, ETC floral print OP, and more!):


Thank you! If there are any questions, please ask :D
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