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DS: lots of pretty clothes

NO TRADES PLEASE I'm broke and would rather pay bills than have a new dress

USPS Priority w/ Delivery Confirmation shipping in the USA ($7)
For international: Post Office makes it costly, but hey, I'll send anything anywhere if you're covering the shipping

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    ~~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~~
    F+F "camelia" skirt SOLD

    ~~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~~
    F+F "poodle walk" skirt SOLD

    Retroscope detach~collar blouse - SOLD

    LipService blouse - from the "Teacher hit me with a ruler" series couple years back
    price: $35

    size: XXL (bust: 43" , waist: 34")

    Closes with shiny snaps, the cuffs are pointy, and the patch is embroidered. The lil plaid tie buttons right onto the shirt (but can be easily taken off)


    Sept 13, '09 - "out to theater"

    F+F halter vest - AP replica[?]
    price: $45

    size: Bust: 41"~45" / Waist: 34"~37"

    The previous owner cut off the extra "neck bow" fabric [?] but those 2 long strips are included!
    The pleated bust lace thing is also detachable

    "frill" cardigan
    price: $35

    size: Bust 42", has some stretch

    Lovely cardi w/ elbow-length sleeves. Only worn once


    over-knee socks
    price: $10


  • handmade sailor skirt
    price: $50

    size: Waist 32~34" / Hips 42", total length counting waistband & lace: 21" (54cm)

    Features cute buttons down the front (they have tiny anchors on them!), 2 stripes of "braid" cord.. lace.. thing (do those have an official name? *iz dumb*) and is hemmed with Meta's "flower cotton lace" (yes really! It was ripped off an older skirt & recycled)

    Small elastic panel in back, zipper + snap on side. Two pleats in front & two in back. Skirt CAN be machine washed! on Cold setting. Just be careful around buttons when ironing afterwards

    Nov 24, '07 - sailor~ish --

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