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SS! Q-Pot Hawaii Holiday Special Discount

♥~Holiday Commission Sale Extended~♥

I have a shopping service for Q-pot in Hawaii, complete with some exclusive items with more arriving all the time.
The newest  arrivals are the Shadow Parlour Series, Petit Cake, and Religieuse. I will also be able to purchase items from the online shop or things not available at the Hawaii store for a separate fee.

Please feel free to contact me if there's any way I can help you out.

Hawaii-Based Orders
Shopping service commission is 15% for total order or $3 per item depending on which is higher.
A $2.50 transportation fee per shopping run will be assessed. This is a flat fee and does not increase/decrease based on the total value of the order made.
$5 per novelty gift bag if desired. Type will depend on your purchase. Usually this will be a plastic bag, sometimes a pop-up paper bag. $10 for a large gift bag, only available with a large sized purchase. Both will be printed with the trademark Q-pot chocolate bar.

A semi-continuously updated list of what is in stock appears on both the official
Q-pot site  as well as their official Facebook page. There are sometimes items available that do not appear on either so if you have heard about it, you can always ask and I will check for you!

Any order placed and finalized for the Hawaii store only ON OR BEFORE Friday, November 25 Saturday, 2011, January 7 will have a special rate!

Orders up to $250 :: 10% commission
Orders over $250 :: 5% commission

+1 free gift bag per order over $100

Japan-Based Orders
Online order commission is per item. The breakdown is as follows.
¥300 for each item under ¥1000.
¥500 for each item over ¥1000 and under ¥3300.
15% for each item over ¥3300.

Online orders will have fees applied by the store itself in addition to shipping out of Japan.
Online orders may be paid in Euro, British Pound Sterling or Yen.
Currently yen prices will be converted to Euro for the bank transfer process. A Euro total may be requested in lieu of a yen total.
There may be special information pertaining to your order so it's better to ask if you're not sure.
Shipping from my location will be via First Class unless otherwise requested or if items exceed 2lb/907g.

All payment types accepted, Paypal preferred. All fees must be covered by buyer.
Euro, British Pound Sterling, Yen, Australian Dollar, and US Dollar are accepted through Paypal.
Cash and money order/cashier's cheques will be accepted and are sent at the seller's own risk. Tracking or certification on the envelope is recommended. All money orders and cashier's cheques are subject to a 7-10 business day hold.

All store-holds require a non-refundable 50% deposit.
All online orders require 100% pre-payment before the order will be placed.
Additional shipping charges will be assessed after order has been finalized.

Request Form
Item(s) wanted:
Estimated total cost including tax:
Ship-to Zipcode/Country Code:
Shipping preference: [optional]
Feedback Link:
*local tax is approximately 5%

You can contact me through
PM or email as well.

[info]eglfeedback is here.
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