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ds Urgent Sale Offbrand Skirt +link to older sale

My rules
 -Paypal only
 -Prices include shipping within the US
 -Shipping includes Delivery Conformation
 -I am not responsible for lost packages
My feedback

Offbrand Skirt #1

  Price $30 usd shipped within the US 

This skirt is made of a nice quality cotton and has eyelet lace.  I hand dyed it pink and an interesting effect happened but it looks really good.  The thread dyed pink and the lace became a very light pink where it still looks like white.

Offbrand skirt #2

$20 usd shipped

This skirt is in great condition and is made with a nice Cotton.  I don't know if it was handmade or if it is offbrand but it is very nicely done.

Link to previous sale(Dear Celine Skirt)

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