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DS: Cheap Bodyline and Offbrand

Terms of Sale:
- I accept paypal only
- Shipping from Virginia, USA
- Non-smoking, no pets! n_n
- All prices in USD
- Leave your paypal to secure your spot
- Payment must be received within 24 hours (unless otherwise discussed with me), otherwise I will move on to the next person in line
- I'm more than happy to answer any questions and take additional pictures!

EGL Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1387920.html

Sailor Mercury will be acting as my proof:

Item 1: Bodyline Two-Piece Skirt PENDING littlebutfierce

Proof / Damage Detail

PRICE: $30, shipping included (in the US)

This is a cute two-piece underskirt/overskirt set. One of the eyelets in the lacing of the overskirt is missing. It isn't noticible when laced up, but it DOES make lacing it a bit difficult if the ribbon slips out (I used a straight pin to feed it through). On that note, the ribbon itself is a little frayed. This is all factored into the price, as this skirt is (I think) $53 on Bodyline's website. I'd put its max waist measurement at around 30 inches. I am at least its second owner.

Item Two: Offbrand Offwhite Bolero

Additional Photo

PRICE: $10 + shipping

This very cute bolero has detailing on the sleeves and hem and can be tied closed. It's a girl's large, I believe, and originally from Target if I don't miss my brand guess. It fit me, but the sleeves were rather short, hence my passing it along. (I can take measurements of the sleeves if there's interest!) I'm not sure how much shipping will be, but if it's less that $3 it'll be included in the price.

Item Three: Offbrand Black Ribbon-Laced (Sort-Of) Oxfords:

PRICE: $20 + shipping

I bought these on sale from Delia's, but they just don't go with my wardrobe. I'm their first owner and have only worn them once. They tie up using a ribbon and have nice detailing on them. They're a US Women's Size 7, but they fit slightly larger; a size 7-7.5 would be comfortable in these shoes. They do NOT have a heel.

I will consider trades, but I think I'd rather just look for sales, unless you've got something that really catches my eye. If you do want to trade, keep in mind I only wear green, brown, and off-white (the last two only as secondary colors or blouses). Thank you for looking!

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