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DS: AP Trick Girl set, IW, Offbrand. WTB: This is my Blood print

♥ My feedback is available here:
♥ Prices are in USD.
♥ Please note following:
♥ All items sold before 25th November 2011 will be shipped after 28th November FROM US.
♥ All items sold after 25th November 2011 will be shipped after 25th December FROM SINGAPORE, and all prices will increase by $10.
♥ All current prices include shipping from the States, PayPal fees, etc. Please enquire if outside of the US.

Hat worn

Angelic Pretty
Trick Girl Set in brown x mint- $220 (includes priority mail shipping in the US)
Hellolace link
A delicious colour combination of brown corduroy and mint polkadot fabric. The scalloped collar is detachable to change the look of the JSK! Too adorable, unfortunately it's too big for my skinny frame. :( (Please check measurements on Hello Lace!)


Innocent World
Maurice Pants in navy - $80 (includes priority mail shipping in the US)
The cute Maurice Pants in navy! From the IW lucky pack some time back. Cute for Kodona or Ouji styles - I don't do these styles so it will have to go. :(

Innocent World cutsew

Innocent World (?)
Black cutsew - $80 (includes priority mail shipping in the US)
The blouse was sold to me as Innocent World, but I cannot find a label to prove this.
Despite this, this is an adorable cutsew, with a detachable lace collar. (Plain peter pan collar below the lace). Princess sleeves. A cute detail is the trump buttons. Never worn by me, received in a lot. Great condition, with no obvious pilling. Please note cutsew has faint scent of strawberry, it came like this from the previous owner.

Crown Gobelin

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Crown Gobelin sk in Pink - $55 (includes priority mail shipping in the US)
Hello Lace

Extremely luxe gobelin material with Baby's signature crown and logo. The skirt is one of their releases from 2006. Please note that there is no elastic on the waistband. I only recommend this skirt for girls with 25" waist and below.

Pink Blazer

Pink blazer with lace trim - $40 (includes priority mail shipping in the US)
Blazer has cute lace trim! Recommended for girls who wear S-M sizes. Additional measurements and pictures available upon request.

Heart Kitties corset
Heart Kitties Corset - $30 (includes priority mail shipping in the US)
Adorable piece! Will pull in the waist slightly but hardly suitable for waist training. The bows at the waist are supremely cute. Recommended for girls who wear S-M sizes. Additional measurements available upon request.

I am willing to buy items in the "This is my Blood" Print from AatP, including the skirt, JSK and possibly the OP. I will look at any colourway. The only item I will not consider is the frill sneakers in the cream colourway. (on account of owning them already!) Please quote with shipping to the States. Thank you in advance!
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