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DS: 20% REDUCED! Angelic Pretty Magic Whip OP & Headbow, Metamorphose Gingham Cherry OP & Ha

-I have feedback available here, here, and here.
-I'm not responsible for lost packages. I will provide proof of shipping as requested via post office recipt. Any kind of shipping confirmation or tracking must be requested and paid for.
-The first person to leave a paypal address gets priority to the item.
-I have a cat but I will lint-roll all items before shipping
-I only ship on Saturdays
-Prices do not include shipping

ALTERED Angelic Pretty Magic Whip OP in dark pink- $160


Please take note that I have alterted this dress to fit larger measurments. I used fabric from the matching eco tote to make the dress larger by inserting panels at the side seams. See pictures. Please see minimum and max measurements. Dress includes waist ties, but the neck ties are missing. There is some slight discoloration around the lace on the top, front bow and underarms from wear. It may come out with dry cleaning which I will include free of charge. There is a general feeling of wear throughout the garment as I am not the first owner. Still, this would make a great dress for a girl who can't normally fit into AP.
Ownership proof 1 2
Alteration photos 1 2 3

Bust: 34-43"
Waist: 30-36"


Angelic Pretty Magic Whip headbow in dark pink: $20
Small stain and discoloration around the bottom.
$5 off if purchased with the dress.

Metamorphose Gingham Cherry OP in black: $115


Max Bust: 42"
Max Waist: 34"
I was the first owner but I've worn it several times. There is slight discoloration around the underarms that may come out when I dry clean it (free of charge).


Meta Gingham cherry hat in black: $32
Worn a few times. Good condition.
$5 off if you buy it together with the dress

Metamorphose Apple OP in pink $130


Worn several times.
Max bust: 40"
Max Waist: 32"

Sex Pot Revenge hooded jacket - $32

Photobucket Photobucket

Size Large
Worn a few times by me. Has some light pilling on the sleeves and sides. It's in very good condition with lots of life left!!

Sex Pot Revenge scissor tshirt $20


Size Medium
Worn a few times by me. It's in very good condition with lots of life left!!

Sex Pot Revenge pink words long-sleeve shirt $16


Size Medium
Worn a few times by me. It's in very good condition with lots of life left!!

I'm still selling a ton of Kera magazines here!

Tags: !ds, *plus size, angelic pretty, color:black, color:pink, item:cutsew, item:hoodie/parka, item:onepiece, metamorphose, sex pot revenge
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