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DS/DT: Innocent World, handmade and offbrand WTB: Cream or white tights

~I ship packages first class mail or parcel post in the US (priority is extra)
~I only provide tracking number upon request for the additional cost
~Tracking for international packages is not possible and they are shipped parcel post
~Speedy delivery is available for international packages but is very expensive
~I am not responsible for lost packages without tracking or insurance.
~I have two non-shedding dogs and I try and keep them away from my items but I wanted to forewarn anyway
~Items are from a nonsmoking household
~I have over 100 positive feedback as seen here and no negative feedback
~The first person to ask a question about the item has dibs, not the first person to leave a PP address.
~If you do not respond back or pay an invoice within 12 hours I will pass the item to the next person without warning
~There are no added fees, the price is what it is
~Happy to trade for other brand name items such as socks and accessories particularly interested in wigs

Innocent World white ribbon and lace headband with two bows on each side.
I purchased this used but have never worn it myself, only tried it on.
There are no visible flaws and it appears to be in like new condition :)
Great for casual days or classical styles, I just tend to wear larger head pieces.

Price: $12 shipped in the US, $14 shipped international.
This will be shipped in an envelope with cardboard on either side to protect it.


Offbrand black ribbon bow. Gorgeous when worn, great for casual or dressy styles.
I cannot recall the store I purchased this at but it has only been worn two or three times.
The only flaw is that the store had a sticker on it that left behind some residue.
It is not visible when worn though, it's on the underneath side.

Price: $11 $8 shipped in the US $13 $10 shipped international
OR $4 in the US and $5 international if purchased with another item.


Handmade red x white hairbow that can be worn on a headband or with a hairclip.
Headband not included but it will fit on a small or medium sized one.

Price: $6 $4 shipped in the US, $8 $6 shipped international
OR $1.50 in the US and $2.50 international if purchased with something else.


Homemade sweet lolita apron, only worn once!
I made this apron along with a tutorial for how to sew one yourself, but I never really ended up needing it.

I did make it several years ago so while the sewing is strong and sturdy, there are a few things I don't like about it such as the hand stitches for the bows being visible on the underneath side (not when worn). The price reflects this.
It is fully lined, however, and all edges are finished and/or hidden between the layers.

The waistband is a fixed size of about 26"-28" and closes with loops over buttons.

Price: $16 shipped in the US $19 shipped international
OR $14 in the US and $17 international if purchased with something else.

WTB: Cream or white tights with some decoration or pattern. Particularly looking for more classical items but happy to look at anything. I am 5'4" and a size 4-6 for sizing purposes :)

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, color:black, color:pink, color:red, color:white, handmade, innocent world, item:hair accessory, item:legwear, offbrand
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