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!DS 20% reductions & 4wk repost! Bodyline skirt, DoL SC replica set, meta socks, Angelic Pretty,etc!


!DS time!

Hello everyone! I've decided to do a another closet cleanout! I need money right now for the most part so not really interested in trades at this time.
My Sailor Moon figure here will be my proof throughout the sales post (as well as my dress form): Black Lady :p

Here's my info and rules! Please read before commenting/purchasing
Photobucket ----->Feed Back here My Feedback (all Positive).
I have more as well, but people often forget to leave fb T_T

PhotobucketAll prices are in USD
PhotobucketShipping and PP are included in price for USA-if International please ask me for a Shipping quote!
PhotobucketI need the cash right now, so I'd rather sell. That being said, if you don't like a price I am OPEN TO OFFERS!
PhotobucketPAYPAL ONLY! (e-checks are okay, but I will not ship until it clears)
Things to keep in mind at all times!:
PhotobucketPriority goes to whomever is willing to pay full price and leaves their paypal first! You have 24hours to pay after I send the invoice-then it goes to the next person in line. In the case of OBO priority goes to who is willing to pay full price first and leaves their pp!
Photobucket I do have a life outside of Lolita-so I understand if you cannot reply immediately but *please* do not leave in the middle of a business transaction.
PhotobucketIf an item is OBO feel free to leave a REASONABLE offer.
PhotobucketI am not responsible for lost packages. Therefore, I will always ship tracked. Sorry. Note: IF you do want to take the risk of untracked items you need to sent payment as a gift to me. I wouldn't recommend this however, as it does not provide you any buyer protection should your package go lost. But I have had ppl insist upon non-tracked before so I have amended my rule to include this.
PhotobucketIf I agree to a payment plan all payments made are non-refundable!

PhotobucketAll sales final! No returns/refunds! Ask any questions BEFORE you buy! I'll be happy to answer them!

And now onto the sales! Also, unless stated I will take offers on these items!

Item #1-
Dream of Lolita Sugary Carnival Replica Skirt & headbow set Size M in black

Head Bow:

Ordered this skirt direct from DoL & I am the first owner. It's been worn twice-once by me and once by my sister. In perfect condition. No stains, rips, or tears. Come with pin-on bow, both waist ties, and headbow. I would say that this could fit a 32" waist MAX. My waist is 29" and it's a bit snug, but there is some elastic on the back which could make it go larger but not by much.

64USD shipped in USA & including pp fees. Int'l ask for a quote!

Item #4-

Handmade (not by me!) Sweets hair accessory.

Purchased on impulse, but I really have nothing to coord it with besides the SC replica that I'm selling. If you purchase the SC Replica, I can add it on for free. Otherwise, asking
4USD shipped in USA including pp fees - int'l ask!

Item #8-

Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate mint fabric swatch
Pending payment!

Doesn't include tag or button! Asking
4USD shipped in WORLDWIDE including pp fees!

4 week reposts!
I last posted them four weeks ago but I've marked some of them down anyhow-make some offers!
1. Meta Chess OTK socks.

I thought these would match my CC but they didn't. Never worn, got in the summer LP. Asking $30USA Shipped in USA.OBO Int'l ask.


Item #1- Angelic Pretty Bolero Style Tiered OP in Pink

Stock Photo

My photo:

Hello Lace link:

This dress has been taken out about three inches by a professional seamstress, so the hello lace info is not accurate anymore on the measurements. The zipper had also been replaced while this was done. Here is a link to the back of it (being worn by me) so you can see how well the seamstress took out the dress (you can't tell!)
I love this dress to death, but I have found that I prefer printed dresses more, and I have only worn it twice. I purchased it NWT, but realized that the seller listed the measurements wrong. I have since lost weight, and it no longer fits me as well. Between the reasons listed above, I realize that it's time to sell this dress to someone who will love it and use it more.

Price $160USD shipped in the USA OBO. Ask for a quote if international.

Item 3- Bodyline Carousal Skirt in Pink Size M

I got this recently from another user on the comm. I decided at first to sell this right away so I took some pictures. I then decided to wear it a week after that, so it has been worn at least once (assuming the original owner wore it before which I am unsure of due to it's pristine condition). It is now washed and ironed, and all ready to go to a new home! Has both waist ties and the detachable bow, and no stains, basically just like new.
According to BL's website, the measurements for M are:
Length 59cm
Waist 64-70cm

35USD shipped in USA. OBO Int'l ask.

Items 5 & 6 : Paris kids hair tie & Cell phone Strap

1. "Scrunchie" style hair tie by Paris Kids - NWT asking $4USD Shipped in USA OBO
2. -------

Items 6 & 7

1.Chocomint style whipped silicon ring (made by Lolitasncream)Never used. $2USD Shipped in USA. Int'l ask.

Paris Kids gold heart necklace. NWT. $3USD shipped in USA.
SOLD! Thank you! Int'l ask.

Thanks for looking!
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