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DS/DT: Victorian Maiden Ophelia Op Set, F+F JSK, Purse, Socks & Fur Charms!


Here's my feedback!

♥ I only accept paypal 
♥ Buyer pays paypal fees
♥ First to leave paypal and commits to buy gets the item. 
♥ Shipping is NOT included in prices unless stated.
♥ I am not responsible for lost items or items damaged during shipment. Please ask for insurance or tracking if you wish for it! 
♥ I live in a smoke free, pet free home!
♥ I reserve the right to refuse sales or trades for any reason, particularly flakers!
♥ Important! If you do not choose a method of shipping that includes insurance and a tracking number (expedited) you MUST pay using "personal payment."

Victorian Maiden Ophelia Ribbon OP - Set
Purchased this beautiful piece brand new with tags a while ago, and have worn this once! This is the gorgeous re-release of the original Ophelia Op in the Rococo blue floral material. The gorgeous ruffles and detailing just blow me away! I purchased the matching mini hat and clutch separately, but will be including both with this set. The under-dress is NOT included, but can be purchased along with the rest of the set below. 

Asking Price: $295 USD + shipping to your location (On hold to Katzixx)

Stock Photos

Measurements: 88cm length, 37cm shoulder width, 88cm bust, 72cm waist, 26m cuff
Materials: Cotton satin (100% cotton) fabric, lining (100% polyester), chemical lace



F+F Casual/Sweet Lolita: Empire Waist Basic Frilly JSK

This piece was a custom order from F+F in a cream color specifically meant to go with the above Ophelia Op. It is a beautifully simple piece that goes perfectly with the Ophelia Op, and has also only been worn once. There is a minor flaw with the dress, the lace came with one section unravelled a bit. There is an image of this flaw above.

Asking Price: $60 USD + shipping to your location.  (On hold to Katzixx)


Victorian Maiden Rococo Pink Floral Hand Purse

This cute little purse was purchased off another user, and has never been worn with an outfit, as I never ended up purchasing the dress I intended to use this with! It is in perfect condition as pictured and has been kept in a plastic bag.

Asking Price: $45 USD + shipping to your location  (On hold to Katzixx)



Lightened to show detail

Knee Socks with detailing (Cream & Black) 2 pairs of each!
Brand new, no tags.

Asking Price: $8 USD each pair + shipping to your location

Set of 8 pieces of FUTURA fiber protein hair extensions. This set of gorgeous extensions is made from a type of synthetic hair that is made from protein hair, which can be manipulated just like human hair. The feel of it is unbelievable; I did not believe that this was a synthetic fiber! I purchased these to make highlights in a wig I purchased, but never used them. The box is a bit mashed from storage. Brand new, only opened to look at! Never worn!

The color is a light platinum blonde, in color 613. 

Asking price: $30 USD + shipping to your location

Sweet OTT Jewelery
Each of these pieces has not been worn by me. The cupcake earrings are for pierced ears, and and brand new on the card. The ring was purchased from a convention, and has an adjustable band to accommodate many sizes! The necklace has quite a long chain, and was purchased off one of my local girls.

Necklace -$12 
Ring -$8
Earrings -$4

Handmade Fur Charms/Phone Charms/Keychains!

These fur charms are a gorgeous and soft rabbit fur, with various pearls, beads and silver beading.  Each piece has been hand assembled with handpicked crystals for flawlessness, and each bow has been hand sewn from straight ribbon, not purchased in bulk! The fur charms are made from recycled material, so the fur has not been purchased solely for resale! These unique handmade pieces are a labour of love and have been "field tested" for durability! You choose your own bow style, and attachment method! (Simple phone lanyard, teddy bear thick phone lanyard, keychain clip)

Asking price: $25 USD each single ball keychain + shipping to your location
              $45 USD for double ball item + shipping to your location
Additional Options:
              + $5 for single row gem phone lanyard (Pink, Light Pink, White, Silver)
              + $8 for teddy bear double row gem phone lanyard (White, Pink)
              + $5 for real pearls on bow (Luxe version: Limited while supplies last)
Single and Double Ball:


Simple Phone Lanyard:


Luxe versions:


Old Sales Post! Putumayo, And Romeo Gothic Op, BTSSB Classic Skirt & more!

My Size (Medium) ^c^ 
Bust 36 inches
Waist 29 inches
Hips 37 inches
*Yep, it went up. XD

Trades: I'm looking for the Honey Cake Bracelet and ring from AP! I'll look at any plastic AP/Baby/Meta jewellery! I will also look at any dresses without polka dots, or tartan. I prefer lower waisted dresses as well. :) Also, looking for the Angelic Pretty Little Doughnut series jewelery! I will look at all variations.

I generally only wear classic, or really toned down sweet, so please not too much sweet! :)
Thank you for looking!

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