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Bodyline Coat, Infanta, Off-brand, Bodyline JSK, Candy Voilet...

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Shipping: I'm willing to work with you on what shipping to best suits you.

Payment: PayPal only, I am also willing to trade

Condition of Living: I live in a smoke free home, with a cat and two small dogs(dogs do not spray or shed). The animals are never in my room as the dogs live downstairs only, and the cat lives in my sisters room (not allowed in mine).

1.) Offbrand Pink Cardigan

Price: 15 USD +shipping

Condition: Excellent, worn once only to try it on

Size: Best fits... Bust 35-38in, Waist 25-27in

2.) White Rose Embroidered Blouse: Infanta !!SOLD!!
Stock Photo:

3.) Black Tiered Flared Underskirt : f+f

Price: 37 USD

Condition: Very good, lightly worn

Size: Best fits... Waist 26-32in(it could possibly stretch more) length 22 in.

4.)Sweet Lolita Pink JSK and Bolero: BodyLine
Stock photo:

Price: 30 USD + shippings

More info: I really liked this dress a lot, but I am too busty to make it work.... :'[ The lace at the bottom has been removed. I felt that it just made the dress look a little cheep, and it was stretchy! The bows have also been removed and made detachable.

Condition: Great! Worn once only to try it on

Size: Best fits... Bust 34in, Waist 23-25in, length 35in

5.) Black Fluffy Petticoat: Candy Violet !!Sold!!
Thanks for Looking!

Tags: !ds, bodyline, candy violet, color:black, color:brown, color:pink, color:white, fanplusfriend, infanta, item:bolero, item:cardigan, item:jumperskirt, item:skirt, offbrand
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