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WTB/DS: Putumayo, H.Naoto, Chocomint

The item was not what I expected to be. So I am hoping for that someone else may love it more than me. I am willing to negotiate for a lower price or maybe a trade for discount.



Putumayo Plaid Headbow (Grey)
Putumayo's photo:

My photo:

Uploaded with
Price: $42 (free shipping for within US)
condition: brand new

H.Naoto FRILL Rabbit Pouchette (White)

My photo:
Price: $42 (free shipping for within US)
condition: brand new

Wanted: Any Chocomint items in general. I'm mainly looking for the fuzzy items at the moment but anything else I most likely may say yes. Tryingo to collect as much Chocomint. Just link me an image and I can give you a discount of buy the item off of your hand. :)

- If you need any size measurements then I am willing to give them if you ask.
- If you don't add insurance then I am not responsible for the packages lost in the mail.
- First person who asks about the item has the dibs on the item.
- No returns or exchanges
- Payment is Paypal only (please send it through "personal payment" so we can avoid fees
- I only ship within the US and Canada
- For Canada I'll apply just $3 shipping fee, but for US it's free on me
- If you are interested you can PM me at "simplicitymoonescape(at)yahoo(dot)com"
Tags: !ds, !wtb, chocomint, h.naoto, putumayo
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