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DS/DT: AP, Meta, Btssb, ETC, Chocomint, offbrand!

Hello, everyone!


- I'm located in California, USA.
- I accept paypal only.
- I am NOT responsible for lost packages.
- Prices do not include shipping or pp fees.
- Prices are flexible, I am willing to haggle!
- I am open to trades or partial trades.
- First to leave paypal gets the item.

- I have feedback here:


And here:



1. DS/DT: Angelic Pretty: black Memorial Cake Halter jsk

Proof Photo:

I've had this dress for quite a long time, but I've only worn it three times. I'm totally in love with the print and the details of this dress, but I feel like the cut doesn't suit me so well. This dress is pretty generous with measurements, as it's fully shirred in the back, but if you want specifics, just let me know.

Some things I'm interested in specifically trading this jsk for, though they may be
longshots, are:

Black Mermaid Symphony OP (My dream dress!)
Black Rose Toilette OP

I'm also willing to look at other things, though, like Moi Meme Moitie dresses, IW dresses, or other black AP prints. In general, I tend to like black or dark colored prints in any style (sweet, classic, gothic, etc.)

As for a selling price if I don't trade it, I'm looking for about:



2. DS/DT: Angelic Pretty: black Jewelry Jelly jsk

Proof Photo (I apologize for the blurriness! D:):

Stock Photo (for more clarity!):

I recently received this dress and tried it on, but decided that I didn't really like it on me. It's still a lovely jsk, with oodles of lace and even glitter in the print, but it just seems like the bodice part sits awkwardly on me. The back of this dress is fully shirred, so once again, it can fit a wide range of sizes, but if you would like specifics, just ask. Things I would trade this dress for:


Black or dark red Beardsley Alice Babydoll jsk
Black This Is My Blood Balloon jsk
Black Rose Jail Voile jsk


Black She is Sleeping jsk (fully shirred jsk version)


Black Milky Berry Halter jsk
Red Fantastic Dolly jsk (high waist version)
Black Dreamy Doll House jsk (switching version)
Black Marchen Ribbon  jsk (back frill version)
Black French Cafe jsk (chest ribbon version)

I'm willing to look at other offers too, though, so it doesn't hurt to ask :).

As for selling price, I'm looking for about:



3. DS: ETC Ivory Floral OP

Proof photo (sorry for the terrible photo, once again, and the different background!):

Closeup of the bodice and the sleeve:

Print closeup:

I bought this dress recently only to discover that the elastic in the sleeves makes the dress feel sort of uncomfortable around my upper arms! :[ Which is a shame, really, as it's an extremely beautiful dress. It's fully elastic around the waist, the shoulder area, and the sleeve cuffs, so it should be accomodating to a good variety of sizes. For maximum measurements I would recommend no more than a 38" bust, and waist for this dress is pretty much free.

While inspecting the dress, I did find a super, super tiny little stain on it that the previous seller had not mentioned to me, and I've taken a picture of it:

It's hardly noticeable unless you're searching for it, as it tends to get lost in the print when viewing the dress from a distance.

Price: $100.00+shipping+fees


4. DS: Black Metamorphose Rose Flocky print skirt

Stock Photo (please note, I have the blackxblack SKIRT version of this print):

Proof (with the flash on):

Closeup of print:

I bought this skirt a while ago and I have never worn it out. It's a nice, lovely material with a flocky rose and letter pattern. The skirt is completely elastic, so it's pretty much free size. I wouldn't recommend it for a waist smaller than around a 24", though, or a waist larger than 39" or so. Length can be measured upon request :).

The skirt is in perfect condition, and I'm not even aware if the previous owner wore it at all, either.

Price: $80.00+shipping+fees


5. DS: Btssb Blue Choker

Stock Photo:

Proof Photo:

I traded for this choker, and ever since I have only worn it twice. It's a pretty velvet ribbon with a silverxturqoise pendant. As you can see in the proof photo, there's some slight glue residue on the pendant, but it isn't too noticeable from a distance and doesn't affect the wearing/look of the choker. I haven't tried, but it's possible that the glue could come off with a bit of rubbing/scrubbing.

Price: $20.00+shipping+fees


6. DS: PinkxBlue Chocomint Candy bracelet

Stock Photo:

Pretty, glittery blue candy bracelet with pink pearls. I've only worn this once, and it's in perfect condition!

Price: $10.00+shipping+fees


7. DS: Black Flocky Rose print handbag

A really cute offbrand bag I picked up at a local store around here quite a while ago. I've never used it because I have another black bag that I prefer, so I think it's time for this one to go. It's got a soft flocky rose bouquet print that I'd always thought would match well with btssb's rose candle print :D. The bag looks slightly pink in the photo, but it's really more of a black with a slight hint of a dark gray background.

Closeup of the rose print:

Price: $15.00+shipping+fees


8. Large Vanilla Ice Cream ring

I bought this new at a stall at a con I went to last year, and I have never worn it. It's attached onto an adjustable-size ring base, so it should fit many finger sizes.


Price: $5.00+shipping+pp fees


5. Puffy Yellow Clip-on Bow

I bought this new, and have never worn it because I don't own anything yellow. It features a cute little ribbon bow, beads, and a hello kitty. It fastens to clothing/hair by a clip on the back. It is about 7.5 cm wide across it's widest point.


Price: $5.00+shipping+pp fees


Thank you very much, everyone! If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :).

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, chocomint, emily temple cute, metamorphose, offbrand
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