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!WTB: Many items! Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars

Hello, I just got my birthday money and I am in need to build my lolita wardrobe :)


My Measurements:
Bust: 32-34 inches
Waist: 28 inches

I am looking for:

Blouses: Bow at the front (prefer) in pink, black or white from Bodyline or any offbrand nothing too expensive
Wrist cuffs: white and simple (nothing expensive)
Socks: bow printed socks and solid pink socks or lace ankle socks
Cutsews/Cardigans: Bows or marine are a huge plus for me! :)
Hair accessories: Black, pink or offwhite Headbows, Chocomint
Shoes: Bodyline or SS tea party in black or red

I am even looking for Circle contacts in plano!

On to Dresses and Skirts! 

Angelic Pretty Dresses and Skirts

Starry Night Theater in Red or Pink JSK or the other version

Cherry Berry Bunny JSK in Yellow or possibly Pink

Wrapping Ribbon JSK in White

Sugary Carnival JSK in Black or Sax (Looking in replica only)

Cherry Berry Bunny Skirt in Yellow or possibly Pink

Sugary Carnival Skirt in Sax (Looking in replica only)
Vanilla-Chan Skirt in Mint

Baby the Stars Shine Bright/Alice and the Pirates Dresses:

Gloomy Bear Apron

Alice Chess JSK in Navy or Pink JSK in this version only!

Melty Mermaid in Sax and White JSK

Tags: !wtb, *replica, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright
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