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DS: Reduced Emily Temple Cute Jsk, Metamorphose Kuro Set.

Hey guys! I really need to clean out my closet, and will take offers on items.

Terms of Sale:

Positive: 45
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

+ First to leave their PP gets the item. 

+ I'll take offers on anything or old sales.

+ I'll hold an item if you provide your PP address, can make a non-refundable deposit and can pay within two weeks.

+ No trades for these items.

+ Prices do not include shipping or PP fees. 

+ I am shipping from Nagoya, Japan. Shipping is typically 1,500 yen for 300g, or one Jsk roughly. 

+ I will ship within 3-5 days, or as long as it takes for funds to reach my bank from Paypal.

+ Any other questions, please ask me.

Invoiced! Shipped 11/21/2011 20% off! Emily Temple Cute Deco Cake Jsk, pink

- I am the original owner; I bought it new with tags from Clothing-Drop.
- It has been worn a few times but is in excellent condition.
- Straps adjustable.
- Half-shirring in the back panel.
- Adorable print with versatile colors.
- Up to a 36" bust recommended. 

Price:  $195 USD $156 USD

Invoiced! Shipped 11/21/2011 Metamorphose temps de fille Old School Kuro Set

Jsk alone:

- Bought second-hand. Excellent condition, like new, no fading, tears, pilling, damages, etc.

-Corseting in front, all buttons up the back, waist ties detachable with buttons.

- Set includes: One long Jsk, one mini cape. Both are adorned with Meta's black cross lace. 

-Recommended bust, up to 38"; empire waisted, super full tiers, waist and hips are free.

Price: 100 USD.

I also still have a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Alice in Ribbon Kingdom Jsk...

HERE, now accepting offers. Please take these off my hands!
Tags: !ds, color:black, color:pink, emily temple cute, item:jumperskirt, metamorphose
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