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!ds, !dt Bodyline JSK And Offbrand Coat

Rules:  Shipping is not included.  PP Fees are(I don't really understand those so I will take care of them!)
I am not responsible if your package gets lost in the mail.  
Please ask for more pictures if you want them and I will be happy to provide them!
I am open to offers and Trades.
Oh and here is my Feed back!

I know I have no feedback.  I have never sold or traded on the comms before but I try to be as trustworthy as I can and your item would be shipped within the week.  If you like something I have give it a chance.  I promise you will be happy.

Living Dead souls Coat Pending Sale

As you can see this clearly doesn't fit me.  It is also missing one button at the bottom.  If I can find it, I believe I know where it is I will sew it back on.

It is a European small

Stock photo

I would like to get $40 dollars for this.

Second Item

Bodyline Music Note JSK

My photo


This dress was not actually on the ground.  We laid fabric beneath it.

It has been worn very few times and I am the first owner.  It is my first and only JSK but it just doesn't fit in the chest.  It is a size medium.

I would like to get forty five dollars for this.  

Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, item:jumperskirt, offbrand
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